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Józefów. A flint ax from the Neolithic period found in a garden

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In Józefów near Warsaw, a valuable monument dating back thousands of years was accidentally discovered. While working in the garden, a resident found a flint ax probably from the Neolithic period.

“A sensation! Last week, in Józefów near Legionowo, during gardening, a flint ax was found, probably related to the settlement of the Corded Ware culture from the Neolithic period,” we read on the Facebook profile of the Masovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

A flint ax was found in the gardenMWKZ

As noted, “this inconspicuous object was created over 4,000 years ago.” The facility was deposited with the Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Warsaw. “On Monday, we will have the pleasure of recognizing and appreciating the honesty of the finder,” it was announced.

Ceramic vessels in the Kostrzyn Fortress Museum Aleksander Przybylski/TVN24

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Main photo source: MWKZ

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