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Józefów on the Vistula. Police officers and firefighters helped the weakened senior

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The light was on in the house of a 68-year-old man from Józefów nad Wisłą (Lubelskie Voivodeship), but the owner did not open the door and did not answer calls. Concerned about the situation, a social worker called the police for help, and those firefighters who broke the door to the 68-year-old’s house. The man was lying in bed. According to the services, he was weakened and contact with him was difficult.

According to Commissioner Sabina Piłat-Kozieł from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Opole Lubelskie, the incident took place on Thursday (July 20) in the afternoon.

– A social worker from Józefów on the Vistula River informed the duty officer of the command in Opole Lubelskie that he had not been able to contact his 68-year-old charge living alone for two days – the uniformed officer reported.

As she added, the applicant reported that he was in front of the senior’s apartment, the light was on inside, but the apartment was locked and no one responded to knocking.

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Firefighters broke down the door and found a weakened 68-year-old man in bedKPP Opole Lubelskie

Firefighters broke down the door, a 68-year-old man lay in bed weakened

The prevention patrol and firefighters were sent to the spot, who broke down the door to the house. – Inside the room, a 68-year-old man was lying on the bed. He was conscious, but very weak, said Commissioner Sabina Piłat-Kozieł.

She added that contact with the man was difficult. – Due to the condition that required hospitalization, an ambulance was called. Police officers and firefighters watched over the 68-year-old until the arrival of the medics, the uniformed officer said.

The weakened man was transported to the hospital.

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Main photo source: KPP Opole Lubelskie

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