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Judge Paweł Juszczyszyn returned to work. “I have felt great support all these years”

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More than four years have passed since he was first removed from his duties by the president of the court, Maciej Nawacki. The reinstated judge wants accountability for his superior’s actions. The indictment in this case is already pending in court.

Paweł Juszczyszyn he was reinstated to work in the civil department on Monday. The first hearing is scheduled for December 21.

– Our disagreement and resistance to what is happening in the Olsztyn court has been going on for four years – he told journalists.

– I was removed – immediately – from my official duties by President Maciej Nawacki in November 2019. That was the beginning. Then suspension by the Disciplinary Chamber on February 4, 2020, which lasted almost two and a half years. Then a return for a while, but one could say a kind of exile to the family department. I adjudicated there for literally half a year and then from the end of January this year I was effectively removed from adjudicating for over 10 months – he recalled.

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Juszczyszyn wants Nawacki to be held accountable

Juszczyszyn said he wanted to bring Maciej Nawacki to justice. – In the District Court in Ostróda there is a subsidiary indictment filed by me and my attorney, Professor Michał Romanowski, against Maciej Nawacki for failure to comply with the ruling from April 2021 ordering my reinstatement to adjudicating – he said.

He added that “the case of Nawacki’s immunity was unfortunately referred to the Chamber of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court, which does not meet the court’s standards.” – We will demand that the case be dealt with by a real, legal court, that is, in the current circumstances, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court in a legal composition without the participation of neo-judges, and not the Chamber of Professional Responsibility – he added.

Juszczyszyn: without the support of my colleagues from Olsztyn, these years would have been much more difficult for me

He thanked other judges and court employees from Olsztyn for their support. – I have felt great support here in Olsztyn all these years. We have wonderful, experienced judges who did not allow themselves to be bought, who did not allow themselves to be intimidated, who did not appear before the illegal National Council of the Judiciary, and who sacrificed the development of their professional careers, not wanting to have a hand in breaking the rule of law, he said.

– I am very grateful to all of them, because without their support these years would certainly be much more difficult for me – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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