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Judiciary Act referred to the Constitutional Tribunal. The head of the president’s office comments

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You can expect a lot of harsh ratings. The president is guided by his own conscience, his own knowledge – this is how Paweł Szrot, the head of his office, said about Andrzej Duda’s decision to refer the law on the courts to the Constitutional Tribunal. When asked about the fate of the bill in the Tribunal, Szrot emphasized that the president called for the bill to be processed quickly.

President Andrzej Duda sent the law on the Supreme Court and other courts to the Constitutional Tribunal. According to the government, it meets the requirements of the European Commission to unlock billions from the National Reconstruction Plan for Poland. The fate of the act in the Tribunal is uncertain, as there is an ongoing conflict over the term of office of president Julia Przyłębska.

From a former PiS MP, currently a judge of the Constitutional Tribunal Krystyna Pawłowicz The letter shows that six out of fifteen judges “in connection with the expiry of the six-year term of office of the President of the Constitutional Tribunal” demand Przyłębska, among other things, to present candidates for this position.

>> PiS spokesman: we hope that the Constitutional Tribunal will confirm the compliance of the law on the Supreme Court with the constitution

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Szrot: the president appealed for a quick resolution

For a decision Andrzej Duda Paweł Szrot, the head of the president’s office, was asked in the Sejm about the court bill. – You can expect a lot of harsh ratings here. Here, the president is guided by his own conscience, his own legal and substantive knowledge and makes decisions completely independently – he declared.

When asked about the situation in the Tribunal, Szrot said that the president “appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal to resolve this matter quickly, without undue delay”. “And that’s what we expect,” he said.

Asked whether other cases pending in the Tribunal should then recede into the background, Szrot said: – Let’s be honest, this is quite an important matter and hence the appeal of Mr. President.


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