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Julee Cruise is dead. She was the muse of David Lynch, known among others from the song to “Twin Peaks”

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Julee Cruise, whose ethereal songs appeared, for example, in the works of David Lynch, died on Thursday at the age of 65. The artist’s husband informed about her death on Facebook.

“She left this world on her own terms. No regrets. Alone. […] As she walked over to the other side, I turned her on [piosenkę] ‘Roam’ (wandering). Now it will wander forever. Rest in peace, dear “, wrote on Facebook Edward Grinnan, husband of Julee Cruise who died yesterday.

“Roam” performed as a member of the band The B-52’s, in which she replaced the vocalist Cindy Wilson in the 90s. She cooperated, among others also with Pharrell Williams. However, she is best known for the song “Falling”, the instrumental version of which opened each episode of David Lynch’s cult series “Twin Peaks”. The music was written by Antonio Badalamenti, while the lyrics were written by Lynch himself. The song appeared on Cruise’s debut album from 1989, entitled “Floating Into the Night”.

Julee CruiseGetty Images

Julee Cruise started working with Lynch and Badalamenti in 1986, on the film “Blue Velvet”. In 1990, she starred opposite Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern in the Lynch-directed avant-garde theater production “Industrial Symphony No. 1”, playing the role of The Dreamself of the Heartbroken Woman. She also starred in “Twin Peaks Town” itself, in the movie version of the series entitled “Fire, Follow Me,” and in “Twin Peaks: Return,” the third season of Lynch filmed in 2017.

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A year later she said about the famous filmmaker in one of the interviews: – I am like his younger sister. You don’t like when your big brother tells you what to do. David is dumb. Sometimes he goes berserk. Have you ever seen him lose his temper? Anyone can look funny when they get mad. But I love it.

Not only Lynch

Lynch wasn’t the only world-famous director Julee Cruise has worked with. Her cover of “Summer Kisses” by Elvis Presley appeared on the soundtrack to the movie “Until the End of the World” by Wim Wenders.

Cruise released records irregularly. In 1993, the album “The Voice of Love” was released, containing three songs from “Twin Peaks: Ogniu, follow me”. The next one, “The Art of Being a Girl”, was recorded almost a decade later. Another time to wait for “My Secret Life”. Despite this, the singer has many loyal fans.

In 2018, she announced that she was diagnosed with lupus and complained of the accompanying chronic pain.

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