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Julia Przyłębska, president of the Constitutional Tribunal, regarding the application of President Andrzej Duda: proceedings have been initiated

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The President of the Constitutional Tribunal, Julia Przyłębska, announced on Radio 3 that the Tribunal had initiated proceedings in connection with the president’s request to examine the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court and other laws. According to her, there will be a hearing soon. “We will do our best to resolve the matter as quickly as possible,” she added.

Application to the Constitutional Tribunal on the amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court and other acts, the President Andrzej Duda submitted on February 21. The recently passed amendment is intended to fulfill a “milestone” regarding the judiciary related to the National Reconstruction Plan.

Przyłębska: proceedings have been initiated

The president was asked about when the Tribunal would take action in this case on Monday in the Third Program of Polish Radio Julia Przyłębska. – We operate efficiently, the case has already been given a course, i.e. the proceedings have been initiated, the reference number has been given. Already tomorrow, participants in the proceedings will receive copies of the application and a commitment to take a position on the case, she replied.

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As she added, “since this is a case that must be examined in full bench, a hearing is also mandatory.” – I think that we will soon meet you at the hearing, because (…) hearings in the Constitutional Tribunal are broadcast by the media – she said. When asked whether we are talking about weeks or months, she replied: – The Tribunal or the court is not an institution in which we can plan like that, because after all, the composition must be assembled, there must be a position developed, and additionally the participants in the proceedings must take positions in writing. However, we will do our best to ensure that this matter is actually dealt with efficiently. It will certainly not be years, as the opposition says, she added.

The President on the Constitutional Tribunal: let him “argue” and get to work

February 22 in an interview with TVN24, President Duda asked about the conflict in the Constitutional Tribunal, he declared that “every constitutional body of the state, and such a body is Constitutional Courthas its own responsibility for state affairs and has its own range of tasks, and it should carry out these tasks. – So let the Tribunal “argue” if it is internally quarreling, and get to work, take care of what belongs to it – he added .

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