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June is LGBTQ+ pride month. Interview with Hubert Sobecki on TVN24

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We came out with the postulate of same-sex marriage years ago. Then everyone tapped their foreheads, said that we are from Mars, that there will never be anything like this in Poland, that 100-200 years must pass. It turns out that changes are happening much faster – said Hubert Sobecki, co-chairman of the association “Love does not exclude” on TVN24. It’s LGBT plus pride month.

It’s Pride Month – pride month. In June, equality marches take place all over the world, also in Poland. Hubert Sobecki, co-chairman of the “Love does not exclude” association, spoke on TVN24 about how much still needs to be done in our country in terms of equality and tolerance.

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– Also in big cities, in the so-called good districts, also in Warsaw, in good homes, good families, there are tragedies, there are situations that a child, because he is a person LGBT plus, because he is “out”, he can end up on the street – said Sobecki. As he added, “unfortunately, there is also everyday harassment, insults and even pushing.”

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– When such situations accumulate, especially in a young person who is very vulnerable, who is very vulnerable in this difficult moment, when he needs to say: ok, I’m with you – when he gets such a signal from the family, it’s a disaster. And these are not rare stories, he stressed.

Sobecki: changes are happening much faster than expected

According to the survey carried out at the turn of February and March poll IPSOS, within a decade, support for the legalization of same-sex marriage in Poland has increased by half. Currently, two out of three Poles (67%) believe that homosexual couples should be able to get married or legalize their relationship in another way. A similar percentage (64%) believe that transgender people should be protected against discrimination in public and professional life.

– We came up with this postulate (same-sex marriage – ed.) years ago. Then everyone tapped their foreheads and said that we are with Marsthat we are from another planet and there will never be anything like that in Poland, that 100-200 years must pass. It turns out that changes happen much faster. People simply understand that it does not take anything away from me personally, that my neighbors Tomek and Zbyszek will have the same rights as me – said Sobecki.

15th Equality March in WrocławTVN24

“social change” is taking place

In his opinion, “there is definitely a social change going on.” – However, the greatest disaster from the perspective of human life and health is how much work has been done with public money to discourage people from treating LGBT+ people as people – he added.

In the aforementioned IPSOS survey, 35 percent of respondents said that there was a homosexual person among their relatives or friends. – If we think we don’t know any LGBT plus person, which is statistically impossible, it means that they probably don’t trust us enough. This is not a good testimony – commented Sobecki.

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