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June pensions 2021. ZUS President Gertruda Uścińska explains how much pensioners will gain

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The head of the Social Insurance Institution, professor Gertruda Uścińska, informed that the Social Insurance Institution would ex officio recalculate the pensions granted this year in June. Therefore, these people will not have to submit any application.

In mid-August, the president signed a law that solves the problem of the so-called June pensions. – As a result, additional quarterly adjustments are applied to them, which so far were not applicable when determining the retirement pension in June. The key thing is that quarterly indexations, in particular for the first quarter of the year, are more favorable than the annual indexation – points out the president of ZUS.


June pensions are calculated on a new basis

The act changes the rules for calculating pensions permanently, so in the future people who will end the retirement age in June will be able to apply for benefits this month without fear. The amendment to the regulations also covers pensions granted in June 2021 and survivors’ pensions awarded to family members who died after May 31 this year. It does not matter whether ZUS granted the old-age pension at the request of the insured person or ex officio (without the application, after the disability pension).

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– Pursuant to the Act, persons who have been awarded pensions in June this year, will be recalculated ex officio, taking into account statutory changes – within 30 days from the date of entry into force of the regulations. This means that these people will not have to submit an application for the conversion of the pension amount – explains the head of the Social Insurance Institution.

The benefit will be recalculated and the compensation will be paid from the date of the entitlement to the benefit and its payment, not earlier than June 1, 2021.

Retirement in June – What’s the Profit?

In previous years, people who applied for a pension in June received a benefit lower than if they had applied for such a pension, e.g. in May or July.

– Our calculations indicate that under the current rules, the June pension would be lower than the May pension by about 5 percent and by 12 percent compared to the July one. It gives even several hundred zlotys a month, depending on the amount of the old-age pension – emphasizes prof. Uścińska.

The Social Insurance Institution points out that every year it advised clients not to retire in June, if possible, but to wait until at least July.

– Our activities were effective because several thousand people a year postponed their decision to retire in June. In the last two years (2018-2019), the number of people retiring in June accounted for about 1 percent of the total pensions granted in a given year, the head of the Institute indicates.

Recalls that in 2020, as part of the anti-crisis shield, it was possible to introduce specific provisions under which, for people who retired last June, the pension was determined in the same way as the May pension, as long as it was for them more favorable.

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