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Juraj Cintula and his connections with a pro-Russian paramilitary organization. “He was the most important speaker there”

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Juraj Cintula, who shot at the Slovak Prime Minister on Wednesday, was questioned by the prosecutor's office. By court decision, he has already been placed in pre-trial detention. As it turns out, the attacker had contacts with the pro-Russian paramilitary group Slovak Recruits. The TVN “Fakty” team obtained previously unpublished recordings from the group's meetings, which show the attacker.

Previously unpublished photos by Juraj Cintula were taken as part of the production of the film “When War Comes”, which can be watched on HBO Max.

So far, it is not clear what exactly the relationship was between Juraj Cintula, who wanted to kill the Prime Minister of Slovakia, and the radical and paramilitary organization Slovak Recruits. The TVN “Fakty” team obtained previously unpublished recordings showing the attacker. The recordings were made in Tarnawa on January 9, 2016 by Czech documentarian Jan Gebert. – It was the anniversary of the founding of this organization and he was the most important speaker there – explains Jan Gebert, the author of the documentary “When War Comes”.

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The man with whom the future attacker is talking in the recording is Peter Svrcek – the founder and leader of a paramilitary organization with strong ties to Russia. In Russia, he was trained by Spetsnaz, according to Jan Gebert. – I went through training organized by Russian Cossacks. They taught us military tactics and survival techniques, says Peter Svrcek, leader of the Slovak Recruits organization.

In January 2016, Juraj Cintula wrote about the anti-immigration, anti-European and pro-Russian organization: “in May last year I first learned about Slovak conscripts and what attracted me to them? The ability to act without orders from the state. They buy their own weapons and equipment with my own money. I believe in these young boys and girls, and I support them publicly.”

The suspect in the attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia arrived in courtTVN24/Reuters

Juraj Cintula's recording was leaked after he was detained

The recording from the phone, which was posted on the Internet immediately after the attacker's arrest, caused widespread surprise. Cintula admitted that he “does not agree with the government's policy.” – Public media are being liquidated, they have been attacked. The media have been deprived of their functions, he continued.

The police cannot explain who was recording and how the recording was leaked. – We have not identified who exactly published the video, but we are cooperating with the control services to take appropriate actions – said Lubomir Solak, Chief Commander of Police in Slovakia.

The site of the assassination of the Prime Minister of SlovakiaJakub Gavlak/PAP/EPA

Two days after the suspect's arrest, the Minister of Internal Affairs ruled out his links with any organization. – I can say that it is a “lone wolf” who was not a member of any political group. After the presidential elections, he was dissatisfied with the result and came to the conclusion that he would take action, said Matus Sutaj Estok, Minister of the Interior of Slovakia.

Three weeks ago – during a protest in Wolna Krupa, where the prime minister was then – Juraj Cintula shouted pro-Ukrainian slogans. – Information about the attacker is contradictory. First, he expresses pro-Russian, conservative opinions, and after a while he becomes a liberal – notes Martin Turcek, a journalist of the websiteaktuality.sk.

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The 71-year-old attacker was interrogated on Saturday. He faces life imprisonment for attempted premeditated murder.

Main photo source: “When the War Comes” prod. HBO Max

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