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Justice Fund expenses. Fridge funded

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The county office in Hrubieszów reported that during the “Safe Family” picnic, which took place in mid-June, the starost, on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Justice, Marcin Romanowski, donated a “modern double-leaf refrigerator” purchased for the needs of the Circle of Country Housewives in Staszic. Funds from the Justice Fund, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, were to be allocated to victims of domestic violence.

The County Eldership in Hrubieszów provided a report on social media from the family picnic called “Safe Family”, which took place on June 18. It was written that the event was held “thanks to the funds obtained from the Justice Fund administered by the Minister of Justice”.

“In her speech, the starost of Hrubieszów, Aneta Karpiuk, appreciated this very important initiative of our security and the need to respond to violence in public space and its effects” – added.

A refrigerator purchased for the needs of the Circle of Country Housewives

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“Starost of Hrubieszów, apart from his sincere thanks for organizing the picnic, handed over on behalf of the Minister Marcin Romanowski – a modern double-leaf refrigerator, purchased for the needs of the Circle of Country Housewives in Staszic!” – information and photos posted.

It was reported that “the youngest residents took part in games and animation activities, and could also take advantage of the opportunity to see live the work that the Prison Service performs on a daily basis”. It was written that during the event it was possible to combine “fun with educational values”.

“Fridge Opening Ceremony”

Journalist Bianka Mikołajewska, referring to the situation in social media, wrote about the “ceremonial opening of the refrigerator”. “The solemn opening of the refrigerator took place during the ‘Safe Family Picnic’, whose main message was to ‘not remain passive to violence and other people’s problems, and that everyone would have the courage to reach out for help,’ she wrote.

“The picnic, like the refrigerator, was financed from F. Pomocy Victims and Post-Penitentiary Aid, which was created to support victims of crime – people who lost their health or loved ones as a result of crime, fleeing domestic violence, victims of accidents, etc.” Mikołajewska added.

“The starost, however, claimed that he was handing over the fridge ‘on behalf of Minister Marcin Romanowski’, i.e. the deputy head of the Ministry of Justice to whom the fund is subordinated. Romanowski had also ‘given’ gifts to other Circles of Country Housewives in the region,” she wrote.

Mikołajewska added that the “refreshments” for the guests were organized by the Circle of Country Housewives as part of the “Nature from the Kitchen” competition of the State Forests. “There were venison ham, venison pate, hot venison, mushrooms and other fruits of the forest, wild strawberry compote, moss cake, ‘cones’, etc.” she enumerated.

“It just so happens that the State Forests, like the PPP Fund (referred to as the Justice Fund) and the Prison Service, are subordinate to people from Sovereign Poland. The starost is also from the SP,” she commented on the situation.

Purchases from the Justice Fund

We have already informed that money from the Justice Fund goes, among others, to thermomixes, grills and food processors. That’s how it was at a picnic in Podkarpacie.

Controversial spending of the Justice Fund

Main photo source: Facebook/Poviat Starosty in Hrubieszów

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