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Justice Fund. Former director Tomasz Mraz on the behind-the-scenes of FS's operation. The most important points of the speech

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“Unreliable way” of organizing and conducting competitions, Zbigniew Ziobro was the “main decision-maker” in competition matters and gave instructions on who was to win, and politicians “traded money” from the Justice Fund in their constituencies – this image of the functioning of the Fund was presented by Tomasz Mraz, former director of the department responsible for it in the Ministry of Justice. We present the most important points of his speech.

The parliamentary settlement team met on Wednesday PISwhich he chairs Roman Giertych. The meeting was attended by Tomasz Mraz, former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice. Mraz has the status of a suspect and is a client of Roman Giertych. The chairman of the team did not agree to the MPs asking questions.

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Below we present the most important fragments of Tomasz Mraz's speech.

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1. “Unreliable way” of conducting competitions

In his statement, Mraz focused primarily on describing the competition mechanisms for funding from the Justice Fund.

According to him, most of the competitions were announced and conducted “in an unreliable manner”, which was reflected, among other things, in the fact that the ministry's management – according to Mraz – facilitated the activities of the entities they preferred to receive the money.

– Many times, Minister Ziobro and Minister Romanowski informed their preferred entities that the competition would be announced and what its conditions would be before the competition was announced. Entities that Minister Ziobro and Minister Romanowski cared about received help in writing and preparing the offer, said Mraz. He added that “the documents, as a rule, were prepared in such a way that it was impossible to learn the truth about how it functioned on their basis.”

Former director of the Department of the Justice Fund on “irregularities” in this institutionTVN24

2. Ziobro was the “main decision maker” and he gave orders as to who was to win

Mraz also went on to say that Ziobro “was actually the main decision-maker.” – In fact, in my work as a director, I could not independently make a decision to grant honorary patronage to a scientific group without consulting it with Minister Romanowski. Minister Romanowski, on the other hand, received instructions from Minister Ziobro as to which entities were to win. It was with him that he established the list of these entities and information on when the competitions were to be announced. Minister Ziobro himself conducted talks with entities that were to win in future competitions, he said.

Mraz: Before the start of the competition, Minister Ziobro indicated who would win it

Mraz: Before the start of the competition, Minister Ziobro indicated who would win itTVN24

3. The case of the Profeto Foundation. The entity that “is to win”

Mraz also talked about how he served on the competition committee for funding for the Profeto Foundation. We have described the case of this foundation many times on tvn24.pl. It was about awarding a multi-million subsidy for the construction of a support center for crime victims, around which there was much controversy.

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On Wednesday, the press spokesman for the National Prosecutor's Office, prosecutor Przemysław Nowak, said that the District Court in Warsaw upheld the decisions of the court of first instance to apply pre-trial detention to three people in connection with the activities of the Justice Fund, including priest Michał O., president of the Profeto Foundation.

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– In this competition, I filled out one of the evaluation cards. As part of the competition, the competition committee evaluates the offer and completes the evaluation sheet. And when filling out my evaluation card, I stated that the Profeto Foundation should not take part in this competition because there was a reason for formal exclusion from this competition, as its statutory goals did not mention goals consistent with the goals of the announced competition. I took my report card to the principal and informed her about it. And then I heard many obscene words about what I was thinking, about the fact that I certainly did not want the minister to find out about it and that I should not do anything like that, because this is an entity that Minister Ziobro and he has to win, he said.

In his opinion, “this foundation should not win, even if we turn a blind eye to this formal violation in the form of the lack of statutory goals.” He also added, among other things, that “it was necessary to increase the number of points awarded to the foundation for experience.”

Mraz: The Profeto Foundation should not take part in the competition

Mraz: The Profeto Foundation should not take part in the competitionTVN24

4. Entities related to the policies of Sovereign Poland

Mraz also talked about the connections of various entities that applied for money from the Justice Fund with prominent politicians of Sovereign Poland. He mentioned, among others, the already mentioned former deputy minister Marcin Romanowski and current MP Dariusz Matecki. He cited that Matecki's “subsidiary” was to create three regional portals, which “were also supposed to praise the actions of politicians of Sovereign Poland.”

When asked whether Matecki “often met Minister Ziobro and asked him for co-financing of some activities”, Mraz admitted that “one change to the regulation of the Justice Fund was the result of his efforts to expand the catalog of possible forms of support to also include co-financing the purchase of real estate, which was previously unacceptable.” – The goal and dream of some politicians of Sovereign and Solidarity Poland, including Darek (Matecki), was to be able to buy a building and create something similar to Villa Plus – he argued.

As he added, “Marcin Romanowski also had his own, to put it ugly, portfolio of entities that were dependent on him, in which he had full power to choose the authorities and implement actions.”

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5. Limits and “trafficking” money

Mraz said that “when the budgets for a given year were established, an informal list was created recognizing the limits for individual constituency chairmen.” – Actually, each constituency and the representative of a given constituency had their own limit. This was one of the best kept secrets related to the fund. The amounts were mentioned on such a list along with their names. Depending on the election year, the amounts could be one million zlotys or seven hundred thousand zlotys, and the most distinguished sabers had an increased limit, such as MP (Janusz) Kowalski – he said.

Mraz said that “politicians traded with this money within these limits.” – They bought votes, they bought the favor of their own people in their constituencies – he added.

Former director about one of "the most closely guarded secrets" Justice Fund

Former director on one of the “best kept secrets” of the Justice FundTVN24

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6. The “political key” of hospital support. “The first knee of the Republic of Poland”

Mraz said that hospitals and medical service providers were also supported. This was especially the case during the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 and start war in Ukraine. – Back then, various units were supported, but once again there was some political key and political will. It's not like any hospital could apply to the Justice Fund and receive an ambulance, because then the minister wouldn't be able to allocate these funds to some of his fiefs, said Mraz. – There was one situation that was particularly memorable to me. It was a contract for one and a half or two million, and Minister Romanowski told me that there was an order to conclude such a contract. An application was supposed to come to us, we were supposed to prepare a contract, and then he added: “the first knee of the Republic of Poland needs to be operated on,” said the former director.

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Mraz about money for hospitals: there was a political key

Mraz about money for hospitals: there was a political keyTVN24

7. Supporting favorable media. “Sakiewicz goes to Minister Ziobro for one million zlotys”

Mraz also talked about co-financing from the Fund for media supporting the previous ruling camp. He also described specific examples. – As for the editor (Tomasz – ed.) Sakiewicz, here was a situation in which I received information from our media advisor, who sent me a text message that editor Sakiewicz was going to Minister Ziobro for one million zlotys so that I could prepare – he continued.

Mraz said that “there were situations in which Minister Ziobro and Minister Romanowski provided lists of media with which media contracts were to be concluded.” He clarified that sometimes politicians of Sovereign Poland “encouraged by Minister Ziobro” also did this.

8. Mraz: I was supposed to remain silent

Mraz was asked if he had information “that actions would be taken to destroy the documentation after the elections.”

– Yes. I was asked to remain silent and not say anything, but this had happened before elections. However, after the elections, meetings were held on the initiative of Marcin Romanowski, I don't know if it was Minister Ziobro's order, he said. – He organized (Romanowski – ed.) a series of meetings in which the director of the Justice Fund, the deputy director of the Justice Fund and me participated. These meetings were intended to unite the group and prepare a narrative for a possible committee. At the same time, prepare Marcin Romanowski to testify before the Supreme Audit Office, because he was summoned then, but it concerned the 2023 budget – he said.

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Mraz: I was asked to remain silent

Mraz: I was asked to remain silentTVN24

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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