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Justice Fund scandal. Borowski: Prosecutors will and will find points that they did not notice

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They argue that it was all legal and that the appropriate regulation can be found there. But it is already clear that prosecutors are looking for, and I think they will find, points that they have not noticed – said Senator Marek Borowski (KO) in “Fakty po Faktach”, commenting on the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund.

Since last week, the media, including tvn24.pl, have been publishing tapes that were recorded over the last two years by Tomasz Mraz – former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice. They concern the functioning of this particular fund.

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Mraz is one of the suspects in the investigation into irregularities in the awarding of million-dollar grants from the fund, described as the “key witness” in the case who is “slandering the gangsters.” Zbigniew Ziobro and his support from Sovereign Poland managed the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Fund itself for years.

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Borowski: Ziobro realized that this fund was a goldmine

Senator Marek Borowski (KO) commented on the matter in “Fakty po Faktach”. – Being in power PiS senator, I saw it all. We passed these laws that were designed to later use power and public funds for our own party purposes or simply to make money, he said.

– We in the Senate vetoed various things in the previous term. We knew what this was about, but of course we lost in the Sejm and these bills were passed. A typical example is the Justice Fund, he continued. – (The then Minister of Justice Zbigniew – ed.) Ziobro, who is very clever, realized that this fund was a goldmine, because it was where the compensations awarded by the courts from various convicts were received. This fund, which once looked tiny, had 20-30 million (PLN – ed.), suddenly grew, had 400 million each – he added.

Marek Borowski in “Fakty po Faktach” TVN24

As senator KO said, “Ziobro quickly realized that this was a goldmine, but the law bothered him.” – The act only talked about helping crime victims and former prisoners leaving prison. Therefore (…) he added that it is also about preventing crimes – he added. Borowski assessed that such a broad provision in the act was created so that “we can provide fire brigade vehicles and spend these funds for public institutions, our public finance sector, the Central Anticorruption Bureau.”

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– That is why today it is not so easy to formulate accusations against these gentlemen. However, I think they will be formulated. They argue that it was all legal and that the appropriate regulation can be found there. But it is already clear that prosecutors are looking there and I think they will find points that they did not notice – said the guest of “Fakty po Faktach”.

Borowski about CPK and Zero Percent Credit

Senator KO was also asked about the future of the Central Communication Port (CPK). – Of course, Poland needs an additional airport, Chopin Airport has certain possibilities (increasing the number of accepted passengers – ed.). However, I believe that it is necessary to clearly show everyone, first of all, the prospects for the development of air traffic in Poland. Secondly, the use of existing airports, including Modlin. And only the CPK must be tailored to specific conditions – he replied.

Borowski also referred to one of the election promises of the Civic Coalition – a zero percent loan for the purchase of the first apartment. Against the idea the leader of Poland 2050, Szymon Hołownia, and Krzysztof Gawkowski from the Left, expressed their opinion. – If these two parties are against, then we must accept that it will not happen. Well, unless we manage to convince them, he commented. He added that in such a situation “it seems that we should try to focus on rental and municipal apartments”, which would be built “by the local government and with the support of the state budget”.

Borowski: Obajtek is in hiding

Borowski also talked about the former president of Orlen and PiS candidate European elections Daniel Obajtu, who, according to reports from “Gazeta Wyborcza”, is staying overnight Slovakia or Hungary“uses a whole system of avoidance and pretending that he is available in Poland”, and he does all this for fear of being summoned for questioning by the prosecutor's office.

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– He's hiding, of course. There are various opinions that he goes somewhere to Slovakia or Hungary, then comes back and shows up somewhere – he said. According to senator KO, Obajtek wants to avoid charges against him before being elected as a Member of the European Parliament. – He wants to avoid this and believes that by acting this way he will win the elections in his area, become an MEP and will continue to live with immunity. Well, if the prosecutor's office finds hard reasons to bring solid charges against him, he will of course not hide, he continued.

As he added, in the European Parliament the deprivation of an MEP's immunity “is faster than in our country.” He explained that the decision on this matter is made by one of the committees in the European Parliament, and not by the entire European Parliament. And in this committee – as he assessed – “Jarosław Kaczyński's party does not have good records.”

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