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Justice Fund scandal. Profeto Foundation – new tapes by Tomasz Mraz and Marcin Romanowski

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New Justice Fund tapes released. The conversation between Tomasz Mraz and Marcin Romanowski concerns the construction of an unspecified center and the financing of its construction. At one point, the interlocutors discuss the possibility of “getting out of it.” The editors of the “19.30” program on public television, which obtained these recordings, indicate that this is the center being built by Profeto, which we described on tvn24.pl already in the winter.

Since last week, the media have been publishing tapes recorded over the last two years by Tomasz Mraz – former director of the Justice Fund Department at the Ministry of Justice. They concern the functioning of this particular fund.

Mraz is one of the suspects in the investigation into irregularities in the awarding of million-dollar subsidies from this fund, described as the “key witness” in the case who is “slandering the gangsters”. Zbigniew Ziobro and his support from Sovereign Poland managed the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Fund itself for years.

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New tapes, talk about building a center

The content of the subsequent tapes was made public on Monday by TVP Info, and the material was also devoted to them in the news “i9.30”. Once again, it is a recording of a conversation between Marcin Romanowski and Tomasz Mraz. As the context of the conversation shows, they are talking about a recording studio to be built and the construction of the center.

The disclosed recordings do not explicitly mention what specific investment this is. Journalists of the “i9.30” program on TVP connect it with the case of the center built by the Profeto Foundation, showing its photos in the material. We wrote about the uncertainties related to the construction of this center in February.

Sebastian Klauziński from tvn24.pl and Maria Pankowska from OKO.press revealed that the Profeto church foundation was building a center for crime victims for nearly PLN 100 million from Zbigniew Ziobro's ministry. However, there were questionable financial transactions between the foundation and the building's main contractor, which attracted the attention of the tax office.

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Tomasz Mraz's recordings confirm previous publications by tvn24.pl regarding irregularities in the construction of this assistance center

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“They already got the money for this”

The content of the recordings published on Monday by public television shows that Romanowski and Mraz are talking about how to justify allocating more money to equip – probably – recording studios, since funds for the construction of the center have already been allocated.

– The idea is to have money for the purchase of fully professional equipment, in terms of hardware, a recording room. That's all they got money for… – says Romanowski. “Um,” Mraz nods. – So the question is whether it can be justified in any way – Romanowski continues.

Let us remind you, We wrote earlier at tvn24.pl that initially the subsidy for Profeto was to amount to PLN 40 million, but ultimately – thanks to annexes signed by Deputy Minister Marcin Romanowski – the foundation was to receive almost PLN 100 million from the fund.

It ended up being 66 millionbecause after elections parliamentary elections On October 15, 2023, the new authorities of the Ministry of Justice withheld further tranches of money.

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Marcin RomanowskiTomasz Gzell/PAP

“Constructing a building that will have no use two days after the end of financing”

As the rest of the disclosed tape shows, Romanowski and Mraz wonder whether the center to be built will be able to support itself and what the sources of this support will be.

– The only problem is that (unintelligible) he built the center and now what… how is it supposed to work? – Romanowski wonders.

– Just like the offer… And for what? I don't know why, says Mraz. – For a lot of money (unintelligible) – replies Romanowski. – For my own sake – says Mraz. – Yes, yes – Romanowski agrees. – (unintelligible), No, because how… will it turn out that we only spent money on building a building that will be of no use two days after the end of financing… – adds Mraz.
– Well, yes, but… – continues Romanowski. – Won't he? – replies Mraz. – And where should he get it? – says Romanowski. – It seems to me that it was supposed to be financed somehow from these… from this radio… Well, because there is supposed to be a recording studio there, they must have some income from it – says Mraz.

“Last time to get out of this”

The rest of the published recordings indicate that Romanowski and Mraz are discussing how to withdraw funding for the project. Mraz uses the phrase “getting out of it”.

– It will be a retreat center, and that's it… For half a year, and for half a year they will help… I don't know… We get another signal that maybe this is a good time to think about… – says Mraz . – Isn't it (unintelligible)… – Romanowski interjects. – Yes. This seems to be the last moment. Because it's not like we'll sit down now and solve these problems and everything will be fine, says Mraz.
– (laughter) Yes, replies Romanowski.
– For me, this is the last time to get over it – says Mraz.

Father Michał O. arrested

tvn24.pl reported on irregularities related to the construction of the crime victim assistance center five weeks before the prosecutor's office brought charges against the president of Profeto – Fr. Michał O.

At the end of March, the priest was arrested along with two officials: Karolina K. and Urszula D.


“Bubble” and “fig leaf”. Funding for the media

Recordings revealed by public television on Monday also show that the deputy minister and the official discussed funding for right-wing media. During this conversation, specific names are mentioned, most likely Jan Pospieszalski, Paweł Lisicki and the father Tadeusz Rydzyk.

– Well, yes, we will make a smaller announcement, for times of exceptions, I am constantly thinking about the plan, not about exceeding the financial plan… Yes, we will make it for maybe seven… For seven, because… (unintelligible) for four, Pospieszalski is on the bubble… (unintelligible) there were 400,000 right-wing television stations there... (unintelligible) it's… it's… – says Mraz.
– Lisicki… – they say together. – There was also a bubble there, (…), so together with the right-wing, it is… it is… a bubble, adds the official. – And also Rydzyk – reminds Romanowski. Mraz nods. – It turned out nice… bubble. So four, five, six, seven. There are seven – comments Romanowski. – It's seven. We will possibly add something that would make sense as a fig leaf, says Mraz.

Pospieszalski published a statement on social media in which he writes that he has never taken part in the competition announced by the Justice Fund and that he “has never directly received money from this fund.”

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell/PAP

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