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Justyna Suchecka in “You ask, TVN24 answers”. Meeting on Facebook and answers to internet users’ questions

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The journalist of tvn24.pl, Justyna Suchecka, dealing with educational issues, appeared on Thursday evening in the program “You ask, TVN24 answers”. “The fact that I got into the profession is a coincidence,” she admitted. She also revealed what she likes to do in her free time.

The series “You ask, TVN24 answers” is a program that was created on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the station. On the TVN24 Facebook page, you can ask a question to TV journalists every week. Justyna Suchecka, a journalist of tvn24.pl specializing in education, answered questions and comments during the next meeting.


Is journalistic studies the key to the profession?

Suchecka was asked if studying journalism is the key to the profession. She admitted that she did not study journalism, but economics. “The fact that I got into the profession was a coincidence,” she said. She explained that she had to undergo internships in the media. – After the first day in the editorial office, still in Poznań, I knew that I did not want to do anything else – she said. – If you want to be a journalist, these studies are helpful, but they are definitely not the most important – she concluded.

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Justyna Suchecka answers the question of an Internet user: is studying journalism the key to success in the profession? TVN24

When will we return to remote teaching? Justyna Suchecka answers

The journalist also said she hoped we wouldn’t go back to distance learning. – I am observing how the schools are prepared. I believe that this stationary education, which we care so much about, will last as long as possible. I hope to the end of this school year – she said.

– Of course, I assume that there will be exceptions to this, that regionally, perhaps some students will have to switch to remote or hybrid teaching, this cannot be ruled out. But a lot depends on how we behave in schools. Will we try to follow sanitary recommendations, be vaccinated, will we be able to function in these schools so that everyone is safe, because this is the most important thing – she continued. As she said, she realizes that “distance learning was very painful”. At the same time, she added that “we can get a lot of good out of her”.

Suchecka was also asked about her work at TVN and what she likes the most about it. “I think I’m learning something new all the time,” she admitted. She recalled that for years she was a press journalist. – I wrote a lot, but I didn’t appear in front of the camera as often as it happens now – said Suchecka. She added that she is also inspired by the people she works with. “You can really learn a lot from them,” she said.

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Justyna Suchecka answers the internet user’s question about distance learning and working on TVN TVN24

Suchecka about the life of a journalist after work

Internet users were also interested in what the journalist does in her spare time. Suchecka said that this week she had practically no free time, because – as she said – the beginning of the school year is very intense. However, she admitted that she usually likes to read in her spare time. She also revealed that I had been training ballroom dancing for many years and even taught him to others.

The journalist was also asked what she does when she is not at work, and she sees that something important is happening. – When I was a novice journalist, I reported to the editorial office practically every accident I saw. Every thing that happens in the city, I immediately checked if someone was doing it, because this is such a topic. Over the years I have started to control it a little more, but it cannot be avoided – she confessed. – When a man sees that something important is happening, he will not pretend that he is not a journalist. I think that we are journalists, whether we like it or not, round the clock – she said.

“You ask, TVN24 answers”

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