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Kaczyński praises Kurski, talks about TVP. “She was very important in our victories.”

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I know that some people liked television and others did not, but no one will deny that it was of great importance in our two victories – said PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński at a meeting in Klwatka Królewska. At the same time, he supported the former president of TVP, Jacek Kurski, who is running for the European Parliament from the PiS list. He said that he bursts with “energy, initiative and inventiveness.”

On Sunday afternoon Jaroslaw Kaczynski he appeared at an election meeting in Klwatka Królewska (Radom County, Mazovia).

He spoke, among other things, about the former president of TVP, Jacek Kurski – running from the second place in district no. internationally and very, very seriously.” – And at the same time, energy flows from him. Energy, initiative and inventiveness – he enumerated.

– I know that some people liked the TV and others didn't, but no one will deny that it played a huge role in our two victories – added Kaczyński. After these words, there was applause. – I wholeheartedly support Jacek Kurski – he said, having previously also supported the number one on the list, i.e Adam Bielan.

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Jacek Kurski, second on the PiS list in district no. 5, present at the rally in Klwatka Królewska TVN24

He also praised Bielany. “You have to be able to arrange yourself”

Kaczyński said this about Bielany: – At the head of the Masovian list is a politician who is very energetic, very experienced, also in the international arena, very tough in all these competitions.

According to him, Bielany's advantage is also its great activity. The PiS president argued that “politics is about relationships between people, you have to be able to get along, you have to enter into all these relationships, you have to lead an intense political life, which also often has the character of a kind of social life.” In his opinion, Bielan “can do all this very well and has shown it many times.”

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The PiS president also encouraged people to vote for 77-year-old Gabriel Janowski, who was starting in eighth place. – We have known each other for many decades. He's a fighter, and he has one additional advantage: I'm old and he's even older, he joked. He noted, however, that Janowski does not look his age and has a lot of energy.

Jarosław Kaczyński during a meeting with residents in Klwatka Królewska (Masovian Voivodeship, Radom County)PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

PiS president on the migration pact. “Poland will change completely”

Kaczyński also commented, among others, to the issue of the migration pact regulating migration policy in the European Union.

In his opinion, as many as 4-5 million refugees and migrants may arrive in Europe annually, which will translate into approximately 300,000. people per year in Poland alone. – This will mean that Poland will completely change within a few years – he argued.

In the opinion of the PiS leader, relocated refugees and migrants will be sent to “local Poland”, which – according to Kaczyński – will translate into lower security in Poland. – Those who until recently assured that it did not concern us, that it would be Ukrainians, (Donald) Tusk, who until recently flexed his muscles, was played like a child. Who and where is responsible for pushovers? Is there a place somewhere in the world where a person who accepts the position of a pushover – a German pushover in this case – is a person respected? – he said.

– We must have a representation in the European Parliament that will fight hard against this pact, which has already been finally adopted – and in December last year, Tusk could have stopped it – it simply did not enter into force – he argued.

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Kaczyński also assessed that the option of paying PLN 20,000 per month for each unaccepted refugee or migrant is a “fairy tale”. In his opinion, the real costs of accepting a migrant are significantly higher, and paying such amounts would have a negative impact on the annual state budget. – And if the EU, specifically European Commission announces that there is a state of crisis, then you can no longer redeem yourself, added the PiS president.

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After adopting the migration pact, the Prime Minister Donald Tusk appeared at a conference where he declared: – The minister representing my government voted against the adoption of the migration pact. Poland's position here was clear from the beginning.

At the same time, he noted that the current government managed to obtain provisions in the migration pact that make it “much less dangerous in its consequences than at the beginning.” Tusk emphasized that the migration pact “adopted in its current form gives Poland the opportunity to avoid any negative consequences.” – Poland will not accept any migrants for this reason. Poland accepted hundreds of thousands of migrants in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian war. We also have tens of thousands of migrants from… Belarus – added.

Donald Tusk about the migration pact. Poland voted against and will not accept any migrants for this reason14/05/2024| Press conference of Prime Minister Donald Tusktvn24

– This is my task and I will fulfill this task. Poland will be a beneficiary of the migration pact. We will not pay for anything, we will not have to accept any migrants from other directions, European Union will not impose any migrant quotas on us. However, Poland will effectively enforce financial support from the EU due to the fact that it has become a country hosting hundreds of thousands of migrants mainly from Ukraine – he said.

– Unlike our predecessors, without a war with the European Union, in a friendly but tough dialogue, we will collect everything that Poland is entitled to – he assured.

Tusk: we will not pay for anything, we will not accept migrants from other directions, the EU will not impose migrant quotas on us

Tusk: we will not pay for anything, we will not accept migrants from other directions, the EU will not impose migrant quotas on us12/05/2024 Press conference of Prime Minister Donald Tusk after the government meeting. Tusk talks about a migration pact.

Main photo source: PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

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