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Kalisz. A four-metre-high living palm tree was erected in the center of the city

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A short entry with a single photo below it. The post by the president of Kalisz, Krystian Kinastowski, caused an avalanche of comments in social media. Some wrote that now only a “stray caravan” was missing, others – that “you praise others, but do not know your own”. The mayor announced to the residents that a four-metre-high live palm tree had been erected in the city centre. “Let it put us in a holiday mood” – he added.

An exotic palm tree four meters high appeared on the Main Square in the center of Kalisz. President Krystian Kinastowski informed about this on his social profile, attaching a photo. He called the palm a “green surprise” that will put Kalisz residents in a holiday mood.

The town hall informs that the plant comes from a crop that is frost-resistant and can cope with minus temperatures in Polish conditions. The palm tree is accompanied by previously planted melliferous lime trees, and in the near future the designated places near the lime trees will be planted with flowers.

A palm tree has been erected in the center of KaliszFB Krystian Kinastowski – Mayor of Kalisz

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Internet users: “looks like a mirage in a concrete desert”

The appearance of the palm tree caused a storm of comments on the web.

According to some Internet users, “someone has lost a palm”, “looks like a mirage in a concrete desert”, “two more and Kalisz residents will spend their holidays under palm trees” or “in a moment you can expect a stray caravan or at least a camel”.

One of the inhabitants of Kalisz appealed to the commentators: “The inhabitants of Kalisz cannot appreciate anything that is being built in this city. A great Hilton hotel? And what is it for? University of Kalisz? And what is it for? A palm tree? – he wrote.

Some people think it’s a “very cool idea” that will surprise tourists

Another added that in his opinion the palm could refer to the amber route that ran through the city to the Baltic Sea and started from the Mediterranean Sea.

“It’s a very nice idea, surprising, you can photograph it, surprise tourists. Warsaw also has a palm tree, but an artificial one and no one comments on the fact that the Kalisz palm beats the Warsaw one, because it is alive” – ​​he declared.

On the other hand, one of the Internet users wrote that “you praise others and do not know yours. I feel sorry for the president of a city where residents can only mock and do not appreciate anything.”

President: return to the tradition of the former Kalisz palm house

In an interview with the Polish Press Agency, the president said that planting a palm tree was a kind of joke, which was about introducing Kalisz residents into a holiday atmosphere.

But – as he emphasized – its exposure in the city center has also a more significant character.

– We want to return to the tradition of the former Kalisz palm house in the City Park. It was used to store beautiful, exotic plants during the winter, which were put outside in the summer and enjoyed the eye of the residents. We would like to return to this tradition – said Krystian Kinastwoski and added: “we want to show such plants in the city space, and the palm tree is the first step”.

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He noticed that in many European cities this is what happens, that in the summer time exotic plants are shown because they create a unique atmosphere.

Kalisz is not the only city where a live palm tree was planted. Exotic trees grow in Legnica, Wrocław, Szczawno-Zdrój, Grudziądz, Włodawa, Częstochowa, Rzeszów and Opole.

Main photo source: FB Krystian Kinastowski – Mayor of Kalisz

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