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Kalisz. An 87-year-old patient threw stools at nurses and set the mattress on fire. Hospital: he was upset that he had to wait for his family

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An 87-year-old patient at a hospital in Kalisz (Wielkopolska) first threw stools at nurses and then set the bed mattress on fire, the facility reported on social media. The man’s behavior was supposed to be due to the nervousness of waiting for his family. The incident was investigated by the police.

The incident took place on Tuesday (December 6) after 3 pm on the 10th floor of the hospital in Kalisz. It was on this day that the 87-year-old patient was to leave the trauma and orthopedic ward.

Hospital: threw stools at nurses, set fire to a mattress

– The patient was upset that he had to wait for his family to pick him up after discharge from the hospital. The man was very nervous, he started throwing stools at the nurses, describes the spokesman for the hospital in Kalisz, Paweł Gawroński. He adds that when the man calmed down and the nurses left, smoke and fire appeared in the room. – The gentleman probably set the mattress on fire with matches, but we do not know whether he wanted to light a cigarette to calm down or did it on purpose, it is the role of the services to explain it – Gawroński tells us.

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The fire was extinguished by medical personnel

– One of the nurses pulled the 87-year-old from the burning mattress, the other started to put him out. The doctor on duty, who was also involved in this, extinguished the mattress in the shower – reports the spokesman of the hospital in Kalisz. And he adds: – The fire brigade arrived at the site, which found no fire or smoke, and it was not necessary to evacuate the branch. The police also arrived on the scene to investigate.

An 87-year-old patient set fire to a bed mattress in a hospital in Kalisz. The fire was extinguished by the staff of the facilityFacebook

Police proceedings

– The policemen who went to the place, accepted the notification, have already questioned the hospital staff and we are conducting activities in terms of property damage – tells us the press spokesman of the Kalisz police, senior asp. Anna Jaworska-Wojnicz. The proceedings are at an initial stage. The 87-year-old has yet to be questioned. We know that he stayed in the hospital, that he needs medical help, but not related to the situation that happened – the policewoman says.

The incident took place in a hospital in KaliszHospital in Kalisz

For damage to property, the Penal Code provides for a penalty of up to five years in prison.

A patient set fire to a mattress in a hospital in Kalisz

Main photo source: Hospital in Kalisz

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