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Kalisz. Anti-Semitic slogans at the Independence Day demonstration. The mayor of the city submits a notification to the prosecutor’s office

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It was a disgrace for Kalisz – such opinions can be heard after what was happening on the streets of the city on Thursday, on Independence Day. There, a march took place there, in which hateful, anti-Semitic slogans were cast and fascism was promoted. A copy of the Kalisz statute was also burned. The police are dealing with the case, there is also a report to the prosecutor’s office. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

On Independence Day in Kalisz, someone registered a patriotic-religious public assembly. It quickly turned out which way the celebration was supposed to go. To the applause of several dozen – perhaps over a hundred people – the narrative turned towards a shocking path in a country so affected by the Holocaust. – We abolish Jewish laws in this land forever and ever. Amen – fell from the stage.


Then, a copy of the Kalisz statute was burnt – a historical document which in the 13th century guaranteed security, freedom of religion, travel and trade for the Jewish community. The police were on the spot. She issued tickets and initiated proceedings.

A copy of the Kalisz statute was burned during the demonstrationTVN24

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– The policemen had ID cards of all persons who might have behaved in a controversial or breaking the law. The materials have already found their way to the desks of Kalisz prosecutors and they will make decisions about the further fate of the case – informs the spokesman of the Greater Poland Police, Jr. Insp. Andrzej Borowiak.

Notification to the prosecutor’s office regarding the demonstration on Independence Day

– It was disgusting, it is a disgrace to Polishness, a disgrace of the city of Kalisz, its traditions, its history, its heritage – says Dariusz Grodziński, the director of the Culture and Art Center in Kalisz. He is aware that taking care of the centuries-old heritage through such events may be lost.

The mayor of the city, Krystian Kinastowski, submitted his own notification to the prosecutor’s office. He feels angry, although it was up to him, as the issuer of the license, the privilege of dissolving the congregation. However, he did not decide to do so.

– The participants of this demonstration were mainly visitors, but the inhabitants of Kalisz joined them. For this reason, together with the police, we decided not to end this march, as there was a risk that the inhabitants of Kalisz could suffer, believes Krystian Kinastowski.

Demonstration in KaliszTVN24

Systemic and procedural problem

The former mayor of the city, and the current senator, does not question this decision. In his opinion, it is a systemic and procedural problem. – If these organizations are able to function legally, we cannot tell them that such assemblies cannot be held, that is, let’s start with the question about the legality of the functioning of such organizations – says Janusz Pęcherz.

One of the guests was Piotr Rybak, already convicted of anti-Semitism. According to professor Paweł Śpiewak, this is the result of political consent. The fact that it enters official politics and is used to jam other people’s speeches or to spread ideas that are xenophobic or to reinforce an attitude of hatred seems very disturbing to me, he emphasizes.

During the Kalisz assembly, in addition to harsh anti-Semitic slogans, there were also references to people of different beliefs or sexual orientation. In Polish law, incitement to racial hatred is punishable by up to two years’ imprisonment.

Main photo source: TVN24

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