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Kalisz. Applications for arrest for three detainees after the anti-Semitic rally on November 11, arrest hearings

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On Tuesday, arrest meetings were held regarding the anti-Semitic march in Kalisz and incitement to hatred. Marcin O. and Wojciech O. (he uses the pseudonym Aleksander J. on the Internet) were temporarily arrested for three months, as was Piotr R., known for having been convicted in the past for burning an effigy of a Jew in Wrocław.

On Monday they heard the charges, and on Tuesday the prosecutor decided that it was necessary to take preventive measures against them. What was the decision made in the case of the three men detained in connection with the anti-Semitic events in Kalisz? Maciej Meler, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, informed that three requests for arrest were made. – The prosecutor justified the request for pre-trial detention with the fear of procedural fraud on the part of the suspects and the fear of hiding in order to avoid criminal liability – explained Meler.

The arrest meetings were held on Tuesday. Marcin O., Wojciech O. and Piotr R. were temporarily arrested for three months.


Organizers with objections

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The arrests were carried out on Monday in two provinces. On the same day, all three – Marcin O. and Wojciech O. and Piotr R. – were questioned and heard accusations. – These are allegations of public incitement to hatred on the basis of national differences, insulting a group of the population in terms of their national and religious affiliation and public incitement to commit crimes against people because of their national and religious affiliation – then reported Meler.

It is known that one of the detained refused to provide explanations, another gave explanations and pleaded guilty. One person pleaded guilty to the allegations made. All three face up to five years’ imprisonment.

All three heard the accusationsKWP Poznań

About Kalisz in the Sejm

The deputy of the Left and former vice-president of Kalisz, Karolina Pawliczak, demanded a break in the Sejm sessions and the convening of the Seniors’ Convention on Tuesday, to supplement the meeting with information from the ministers of justice and internal affairs and administration on the events that took place on November 11 in Kalisz. – It all happened under the cover or under the umbrella of the services and the police. Please let us know why this happened? The inhabitants of Kalisz expect precise information on this matter – said the MP from the Left. She also alleged that there was no reaction from the authorities in this case.

– Please do not talk to the lady about the lack of reaction. The reaction was immediate and we all condemn what happened in Kalisz. The prosecutor’s office took action, the perpetrator was caught. Saying that nothing is done is simply untrue – emphasized the Speaker of the Sejm Elżbieta Witek. The motion of the Left MP was not approved by the vote.

In turn, the Civic Coalition wants the Sejm to condemn the recent events in Kalisz. The club has prepared a draft resolution on this matter. – The Seym must stop the march of hatred, xenophobia, fascism and intolerance, which is accelerating in Poland. I cannot imagine standing indifferently – emphasized MP Dariusz Joński, who prepared the aforementioned project.

They identified 67 people

On November 11, a march organized by the nationalists went through the streets of Kalisz. According to the police, about a thousand people took part in the first part of the event. The participants of the event, raising anti-Semitic slogans, marched to the Main Market Square, where the text of the Kalisz Statute, a tolerance privilege for Jews issued by the prince of Kalisz, Bolesław the Pious in 1264, was burnt. No one was arrested then. The lack of detentions aroused much controversy. As is the lack of a decision by the mayor of the city to dissolve the assembly.

>>> The president of Kalisz was able to dissolve the assembly on November 11. He explains that he did not do it for security reasons >>>

Political comments on the events in Kalisz on November 11– There is no consent to anti-Semitism and hatred based on nationality, religion or ethnicity. (…) Today the police detained three people in this case – Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of Interior and Administration, informed on social media. The detainees are Wojciech O., Marcin O. and Piotr R. TVN24

The prosecution instituted proceedings three days after the incident. Notification of the possibility of committing a crime Krystian Kinastowski, the president of Kalisz, submitted, among others.

>>> After the events in Kalisz: questions about the activities of the services and the prosecutor’s office >>>

“We feel obliged to express an unequivocal objection”

What happened in Kalisz has been the subject of many discussions for several days. He condemned anti-Semitic and xenophobic behavior President Andrzej Duda, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński. They also expressed their opposition to the spread of hatred representatives of Christian churches and communities, Board of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in the Republic of Poland and the Chief Rabbi.

On Tuesday, the statement was also published by the Community of Conscience – Coalition of Mutual Respect. It is a group of twelve people coming from various religious communities and organizations representing minorities. “We are deeply moved and outraged by the anti-Semitic slogans that were proclaimed during the Independence Day celebrations in Kalisz on November 11. (…) we feel obliged to express unequivocal objection to the words of hatred expressed against the Polish Jewish community and incitement to commit a crime. (…) That is why we show solidarity with the Polish Jewish community and call on everyone to show the same solidarity, “the statement said.

Statement of the Community of Conscience – Coalition of Mutual Respect on the anti-Semitic march in Kalisz Community of Conscience – Coalition of Mutual Respect

On Sunday, the inhabitants of Kalisz took part in a peaceful demonstration “Kalisz free from fascism”.

Residents took to the streets of the cityTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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