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Kalisz. Dead man in the apartment. They also found two dead cats and one alive. They are looking for a fourth cat

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The residents of a tenement house in Kalisz have not seen their neighbor who lived alone on the ground floor for a long time. Nobody responded to the knock. The administrator called the police and a man was found dead inside. Animal shelter employees were also on site because there were four cats in the apartment. Two are dead, one is looking for.

Tenants of the tenement house at ul. Górnośląska in Kalisz were concerned about the fate of a man living alone on the ground floor. They hadn’t seen him for a long time, and there was a stench coming from his apartment. They notified the owner of the facility – employees of the Municipal Board of Residential Buildings.

The officials who arrived at the scene had to call the police for help because no one responded to the knock on the door.

– The officers entered the apartment and found a dead man. The involvement of third parties has been initially ruled out. It is not known when the man died and what was the reason, hence the prosecutor’s decision to conduct an autopsy, said Anna Jaworska-Wojnicz., spokeswoman for the Kalisz police.

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Jaworska-Wojnicz added that they knew the details of the deceased tenant and that the death was probably due to natural causes.

Shelter representative: The owner of the apartment died about three weeks ago

The police asked the employees of the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Kalisz for support because three cats were found with the man. Two of them were dead.

“We had a very unpleasant intervention today – described a representative of the shelter on social media. – The owner of the apartment died about three weeks earlier. His absence alerted the neighbors. Today they opened the apartment and it turned out that the owner was dead. There were four cats in the apartment. Two of them already died. were dead, the third one hid and cannot be found due to the condition of the premises, and the fourth one has just been taken to the shelter. The condition of the kitten that came to us does not yet allow us to assess its chances of survival. The missing kitten is still being sought, but please “It’s not easy for us to believe that there is so much garbage everywhere.”

– The police were there twice and were looking for a cat, because according to the residents, four cats lived there. They didn’t find him, says Jaworska-Wojnicz

“The whole incident also had a negative impact on our employee. We are waiting for another call when the kitten will be located,” added the shelter representative.

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