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Kalisz. Drunk, he drove into the car with his family, the 14-year-old was killed. The driving instructor will go to jail

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He had almost 2.5 per mille of alcohol in his blood, he crashed into a properly running car, in which a family of four was driving. The 14-year-old did not survive the accident. A Kalisz court sentenced a driving instructor to 12 years’ imprisonment.

The incident took place On January 1, 2021 at Piłsudskiego Street in Kalisz. Around 6 p.m. a BMW collided head-on with a Volkswagen, which was traveling by a family of four from the Ostrów poviat.

Volkswagen’s passengers were injured: a 43-year-old man, his 42-year-old wife and two sons aged 14 and 15. The 14-year-old was injured the most. The boy suffered an extensive craniocerebral trauma. A few hours later, he died in a hospital in Kalisz. His mother was in the neurosurgical ward with multiple fractures, and his father and brother were in surgery.

Mateusz J., a 43-year-old businessman known in Kalisz, who ran a driver training center and was its instructor, did not suffer any serious injuries. At the time of the incident, he was under the influence of alcohol – almost 2.5 per mille. It was also established that he was under the influence of cocaine in a concentration corresponding to 0.5 per mille of alcohol.

Prosecutor’s Office: the driver is entirely to blame

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Mateusz J. was accused of deliberately drunk driving and causing a fatal accident. He was facing 12 years in prison. The second allegation was questioned by the man during the investigation.


The investigation showed that the car was traveling at a speed of 163 kilometers per hour within five seconds before the incident, and at the time of the collision of both vehicles it was 76 kilometers per hour. According to the expert on the reconstruction of traffic accidents, the driver of the BMW immediately before the collision of both vehicles “made steering wheel movements indicating that he had lost control of the vehicle”. This allowed for the exclusion of the version originally given by the driver that he was trying to bypass the braking vehicle. – The driver is entirely to blame for causing the accident – said Maciej Meler, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Kalisz, in May last year, when the indictment in this case was submitted to the court.

Court: drunk drivers are a problem for Polish roads

In December last year, the District Court in Kalisz issued a judgment in this case. He found the 43-year-old guilty of causing the fatal accident and sentenced him to 10 years and eight months in prison. At the same time, he was banned from driving for life.

– The punishment must be severe in order to educate the perpetrator and force him to reflect on his behavior. Drivers under the influence of alcohol are a pain on Polish roads, which is why the penalties should be severe in order to scare off any further perpetrators – said judge Monika Masłowska.

The defendant, who applied for a lower sentence, as well as the prosecutor and the victim’s family, who wanted a higher sentence for Mateusz J., appealed against the verdict.

The District Court in Kalisz increased the punishment for the defendant. He sentenced the man to 12 years in prison. In addition, he was charged with expenses for preparatory proceedings – he will have to pay over PLN 25,000. The judgment is final.

Main photo source: Kalisz 24 Info

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