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Kalisz free from fascism. A manifestation in reaction to the November 11 march

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“Kalisz free from fascism” – under this slogan, a peaceful demonstration was organized in the city on Sunday. This is a reaction to the events that took place during the march of the nationalists on November 11. At that time, many hateful, anti-Semitic and xenophobic slogans were laid, and the text of the Kalisz Statute was burned – a tolerance privilege for Jews issued by the prince of Kalisz, Bolesław the Pious in 1264.

A peaceful demonstration under the slogan “Kalisz free from fascism” started at 4 pm The organizers, associated with the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, wanted to show that the inhabitants of Kalisz do not agree that their city is perceived as promoting anti-Semitism.

“On Independence Day, Kalisz was disgraced. Hordes of fascists from various places in Poland, convened by Wojciech Olszański aka Aleksander Jabłonowski, shouted the disgusting slogan ‘Death to the Jews’ in the streets of our city. – “Statute of Kalisz” from 1264. Information about these sick, scandalous and terrifying excesses circulated Poland and the world. Let us show that it is not Kalisz, that Nazism, racism and all contempt for man are alien to us! Let us show that Kalisz is free from fascism. “- such an appeal was posted by the organizers in social media before the demonstration.


Residents do not want their city to be associated with anti-SemitismTVN24

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“Kalisz free from fascism”

First, the participants gathered at the monument to the poet Adam Asnyk, where the organizers and activists as well as politicians from the Left and the Civic Coalition delivered speeches.

– There were many speeches that aroused great emotions in the participants, the most eloquent moment was when the president of Kalisz (Krystian Kinastowski – ed.) Was invited to the stage, who, despite the fact that he had the opportunity to resolve the November 11 event, decided not to do so. The president excused himself from his decision. He explained it with security issues and the fact that even if he had made a decision to dissolve, the participants would probably not have complied with it and, in addition, there could have been riots, said Łukasz Wójcik.

This did not convince at least some of the demonstrators who booed the mayor of the city.

Around 5 p.m. those gathered at the monument to Asnyk marched towards the town hall.

Residents took to the streets of the cityTVN24

There is an investigation

In the case of the events of November 11 in Kalisz, the prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings, the press spokesman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Maciej Meler, informed on Sunday. As he added, the evidence provided by the police is analyzed, including video recordings. “The notification mentions the possibility of committing a crime involving the promotion of fascism or another totalitarian regime, and attacks based on xenophobia, racism or religious intolerance,” Meler said.

Notification to the prosecutor’s office Mayor of Kalisz submitted on the possibility of committing a crime by the organizers of the march on November 11.

During the march and the demonstration, the police identified 67 people in total, but no one was arrested. A spokesman for the Greater Poland police indicated that such decisions were made after “consultations with the prosecutor’s office”. In turn, the prosecutor’s office on Sunday issued a statement in which he argues that policemen were not forbidden to detain participants of this assembly.

>>>> The police spoke of “consultations” on the arrests. There is a statement by the prosecutor’s office >>>>

Police spokesman about the march in Kalisz. Quote from November 13, 2021During the march in Kalisz (Greater Poland Voivodeship), people who made anti-Semitic speeches were not detained. A spokesman for the Greater Poland Police explains that the prosecutor’s office has been consulted on this matter. In turn, the prosecutor’s office issued a statement saying that the police were not forbidden to detain participants in the assembly. TVN24

Not for anti-Semitism

He condemned the events that took place in Kalisz President Andrzej Duda, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior, Mariusz Kamiński. They also expressed their opposition to anti-Semitic behavior representatives of Christian churches and communities.

Main photo source: TVN24

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