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Kalisz. He was supposed to kill a German Shepherd because it bit his Yorkie. The National Prosecutor’s Office joined the case

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The National Prosecutor’s Office is supervising the proceedings regarding the killing of a German Shepherd in Kalisz (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The dog – according to the witness’s account – was killed by the owner of a yorkie, whom the shepherd had bitten earlier. The proceedings are conducted in terms of animal abuse, which is punishable by up to three years in prison.

The event took place on December 5, 2022 in a single-family housing estate in Kalisz. One of the residents through the window saw two of her neighbors running after a fleeing German Shepherd. The woman told the neighbors that if they did not leave the dog alone, she would call the police. Then one of the men was to give up chasing the animal and return home. The second one – a doctor by profession – was to stay on the street. According to the woman’s account, he shouted that the dog had bitten his yorkie.

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Dead dog at the bus stop. Animal abuse investigation

After some time, the woman went in search of the shepherd. She found the dead dog lying at the bus stop. She called the police. Officers launched an animal abuse investigation under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office. Members of the Kalisz Association of Help for Animals “Help Animals” wanted to join the case. They asked the police to recognize the association as an aggrieved party. “From the very beginning, there were irregularities in the case. The carcasses of the animals went to one of the veterinarians in Kalisz, who has the powers of an expert, but cannot deal with accident dogs. A veterinary company has signed a contract with the city, whose task is to secure and prepare animals for autopsy, Izabela Małecka, vice president of Help Animals, told PAP.

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The Association notified the Prosecutor General, and the National Prosecutor’s Office joined the case

The association applied for exclusion of the veterinarian as an expert in the case. They requested that the body of the dog be secured and transferred to the Department of Pathomorphology and Forensic Veterinary Medicine of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The police refused to grant the rights of the injured party to animal rights defenders, arguing that another organization was protecting the rights of the injured party. – The argument of the police has no bearing on the legal status that is in force in Poland. That is why we notified the prosecutor general about the case – said Małecka. The investigation, according to PAP, is supervised by the National Prosecutor’s Office. Director of the Department of Preparatory Proceedings of the National Prosecutor’s Office, Barbara Sworobowicz, in a letter addressed to the Ostrów Prosecutor’s Office, requested “provision of information, activities performed and findings made in the case, and an indication of further processing and how to correct this violation”. Maciej Meler, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, told PAP that the prosecutor’s office overturned the decision of the police and the association was reinstated in the case.

The event took place in Kalisz

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