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Kalisz. She was already halfway across the pedestrian crossing, drivers ignored her – recording

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In Kalisz (Greater Poland), drivers ignored a pedestrian with a dog who was already halfway across the crosswalk. Only the fifth driver who stopped in front of the crossing gave way to the woman.

The recording appeared on the Stop Cham channel. The incident took place on Friday (November 17) on Poznańska Street in Kalisz.

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“A woman crossing a marked pedestrian crossing on Poznańska Street with her dog was not allowed by several vehicles, even though she was already halfway through the crossing,” we read in the description under the video.

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The video shows a woman with a dog entering the crossing. The oncoming driver does not stop in front of the crossing when the woman is almost halfway to the other side of the road. Later, three more cars drive past the standing pedestrian. Irritated, she starts gesturing towards one of the cars. Only the fifth driver stops before the crossing and gives way to the woman and her dog.

“Their sheep lost their momentum”

We asked Arkadiusz Kuzio from the Road Safety Academy in Szczecin to comment on this situation. In an interview with tvn24.pl, he explains that “pedestrians had priority over moving vehicles.”

– Unfortunately, the drivers lost their momentum – the car in front is driving, I will go too. Four cars passed, forcing the pedestrian to give way, and the fifth stopped only because the pedestrian raised her hand up and waved down. With this gesture, she drew attention to herself – Kuzio describes and draws attention to the woman’s appropriate behavior.

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– The pedestrian avoided being hit by moving cars by being particularly careful and applying the principle of limited trust in drivers. Pedestrian visibility was also influenced by the lack of reflectors and clothing contrasting with the surroundings. It is worth using lighter jackets, hats and reflective elements, because who will take care of our safety if not ourselves – emphasizes the expert.

Drivers ignored a pedestrian at a crossing in KaliszStop Boor

What do the police say? We asked the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Kalisz with questions. We are waiting for answer.

Main photo source: Stop Boor

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