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Kalisz. The child fell into the Prosna River, the mother jumped after him. The boy got out of the water, the woman could not be saved

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A child who was on a walk with his mother fell into the Prosna River in Kalisz. According to witnesses, the woman threw herself into the water after him. According to the police, the boy managed to get out of the water, but the woman – not anymore. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be saved.

– After 5 p.m. we received information that two people were drowning in the Prosna River. We sent five hosts of the state and volunteer fire brigade to the site, as well as a water and diving group from Konin. After reaching the place, we received information from witnesses of this event that a child was drowning, followed by the child’s mother. After our arrival, the child was on the shore, so we started looking for this woman – Captain Szymon Zieliński from the State Fire Service’s Municipal Headquarters in Kalisz told TVN24.

The woman drowned in KaliszTVN24

The woman could not be saved

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– After the arrival of the water and diving group, one of the divers immediately started searching. After a few, several dozen minutes, he found this woman, we pulled her to the shore, she was immediately taken care of by the medical rescue team. Unfortunately, the attending physician pronounced him dead. It was a woman in her 40s, he added.

Witness of the event: this lady suddenly disappeared, and after a while the boy came out of the water

One of the witnesses of the event was Mrs Patricia. – We heard screams and suddenly we noticed that the lady was running after the child into the water. At that moment we called for help because we didn’t know what she was shouting – she told TVN24.

– One boy tried to help the woman and rescue her from the water, but unfortunately he could not find her anymore. Then the services arrived and, unfortunately, the search began – she said.

The woman reported that “the lady suddenly disappeared, and after a while the boy just got out of the water and sat on the bench.”

Witness of the event: this lady suddenly disappeared, and after a while the boy just came out of the waterTVN24

When someone is drowning, we want to help. But there are rules

How to help a drowning person? Four important points:
1. Find an object with a buoyancy of 1.5 kg and give it to the drowning person.
2. If the person in the water panics, don’t let them catch you.
3. When the drowning person is floating on an object of sufficient buoyancy, tow the person to safety.
4. Don’t panic, cooperate with the water.

The basic safety rules that we should know and apply by the water have remained the same for years. Safe places are those guarded by a lifeguard, and reasonable behavior is one that is not characterized by bravado or the desire to show off.

First aid – how and when should it be provided? How is the first aider protected?

However, when there is a dangerous situation – whether at sea, lake or river – the natural instinct is to help a drowning person. The basic mistake that we can make then is to act alone and reach out to the drowning man, because we can be pulled under the water by him. Anything with buoyancy can help, such as a ball or a bottle – anything that can improve our ability to float.

– We always recommend: if someone tries to help another person, they always notify the services. This is really our duty, especially when we are alone. If there are more of us, we recommend another person to notify the services. We do not shake hands with a drowning person. We use objects that are, and there will always be: a peg, a board, a piece of rope, a blanket, a screen stick, i.e. everything that will lengthen our arm and separate us from the drowning person – said TVN24 Jacek Kleczaj from the Szczecin WOPR. You can also use a jacket or pants for this.

– I always remind you: an adult often has no chance with a drowning child – he added.

Among the water safety rules, it is worth recalling these:

1. Never enter the water after alcohol or drugs. 2. Don’t jump into the water in unfamiliar places. 3. Swim only in designated areas. 4. Follow the lifeguard’s instructions. 5. Do not run or jump into the water after a long stay in the sun. 6. Do not swim on the mattress far from the shore. 7. Do not swim immediately after eating. 8. Do not swim immediately after eating.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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