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Kalisz. The voices he heard told him to kill him. Life sentence for the murder of a bus worker

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The Court of Appeal in Łódź sentenced Adrian Sz. to life imprisonment for the murder of an employee of the bus station in Kalisz, who argued that he had been told to do so by the voices he heard. The accused approached his victim from behind and stabbed him in the back. According to the prosecutor’s office, this is the third sentence in this case.

The spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Maciej Meler, informed that this is the third sentence in the case of the murder of a PKS employee in Kalisz. He added that the court fully agreed with the prosecutor’s request, repealing and amending the previous ruling that sentenced the man to 15 years in prison. He assumed that the accused had committed the crime as a result of motivation deserving particular condemnation.

Arrested shortly after the incident. “The voices he heard told him to kill”

The incident took place on January 15, 2017 at the bus station in Kalisz. 27-year-old Adrian Sz. left the house where he lived with his mother in the morning. On the street he threw away the keys to the apartment and the wallet. He had previously taken out the money he had used to buy the knife. He went to the station. An employee shoveling snow, 59-year-old Krzysztof M., approached from behind. He stabbed him twice in the neck and back. One of them turned out to be fatal. The injured man died after being transported to the hospital. Adriana Sz. arrested at the crime scene. He told the officers that he was suffering from schizophrenia, he was told to kill himself by the voices he heard. During his stay in detention, Mr. underwent psychiatric observation. The experts found that the defendant’s sanity at the time of the incident was neither impaired nor abolished. They found that he had a schizoid personality, but he was not schizophrenic. According to the accused’s mother, her son killed because he is mentally ill. He complained that he heard voices that scared him. He disappeared from the house for several hours and did not remember what he was doing during that time. He started behaving abnormally.

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Adrian S. in courtTVN 24 Poznan

From 25 years in prison to life imprisonment

During the investigation, it was not possible to find out the motive behind Adrian Sz. The court sentenced him to 25 years in prison. During the sentencing, the judge said that the motive for the killing was not illness. The actions of the accused had the character of criminal logic, not of a sick man. The defense lawyer and the prosecutor appealed against the verdict. According to the prosecutor, the court made a mistake in establishing the motive that guided the accused. In his opinion, the accused acted with a motivation pointing to particular condemnation. In turn, the defense lawyer stated that there are grounds to believe that he is insane. The Court of Appeal in Łódź accepted the arguments of both sides and the case was returned to Kalisz. The trial was resumed in November 2018. The case went to a judge who died. Therefore, the judicial process had to be reopened. The accused was examined by two independent teams of experts of various specialties – psychiatrists, psychologists and neurologists. After re-examination of the case, the prosecutor in his final motions requested the imposition of the penalty of life imprisonment, changes in the qualification of the act and the additional assumption that the defendant acted with a motivation pointing to particular condemnation. The lawyer for the accused asked for the minimum sentence, i.e. eight years in prison. The court imposed a sentence of 15 years in prison, 10 years less than the first sentence. He did not share the position of the prosecutor’s office that the accused could be attributed to acting in conditions of motivation deserving particular condemnation, since in the course of the investigation the motive for the action could not be clearly established. The prosecutor again appealed against the sentence. “He stated that his arguments regarding acting as a result of motivation that deserves special condemnation, as well as the punishment imposed, do not correspond to the social sense of justice,” prosecutor Meler said on Friday. The case was considered by the Court of Appeal in Łódź, which sentenced the man to life imprisonment and an interest payment to the victim’s son in the amount of PLN 150,000.

The event took place in Kalisz

Main photo source: TVN 24 Poznan

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