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Kalisz, ul. Chopin. Murder of a 64-year-old. The detainee is his friend, who was supposed to inform the police himself

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The 64-year-old died from an ax blow to the head. They were supposed to be given by a colleague ten years younger, whom he took under his roof. After all, the man was supposed to inform the Kalisz police about the crime himself.

The incident happened on Saturday around noon. 4 am in one of the apartments at ul. Chopin in Kalisz. The 54-year-old man had – as the Polish Press Agency found out – to call the police himself and inform that he had killed his friend. – In the apartment, officers found a dead man and an intoxicated 54-year-old man. At the time of arrest, he had nearly two per mille of alcohol in his body – said podkom. Anna Jaworska-Wojnicz, spokeswoman for the Kalisz police.

The man was detained. Prosecutor’s proceedings are scheduled for Sunday.

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They had only met a week earlier

According to preliminary findings of the prosecutor’s office, the men had known each other for a week. The 64-year-old took the younger one under his roof because he had no place to live. They were supposed to drink alcohol together on the night from Friday to Saturday. According to investigators, there was an argument. The host allegedly accused the guest of pawning his property without his knowledge.

The 54-year-old attacked the farmer with an ax while he was sleeping – he allegedly gave him two blows to the head with an ax. The police secured all the evidence in the case.

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