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“Kaminski’s Man and the Big Smuggling”. Łukasz Frątczak about the recording disclosed in the reportage “Supervisor”

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Reporters from “Supervisor” found a recording on the smuggling of a large number of cigarettes to Europe, in which a man from the close circle of Minister Mariusz Kamiński appears. The co-author of the report, Łukasz Frątczak, indicated on TVN24 that although the services have this recording, “for three years it has been lying somewhere on the bottoms of armored cabinets covered with documents”. – To our knowledge, even the prosecutor’s office has not seen this video. It has just been hidden – he added.

Reporters from TVN’s “Supervisor” have found the recording, which has been in the possession of Polish special services for several years. This is a transcript of a conversation in which a group of men discuss a plan to smuggle massive amounts of cigarettes into Europe. In this story, the name of an influential man associated with the power camp appears. It is about Grzegorz P., who years ago was directly responsible for the largest and most famous media operations of the CBA, then headed by Mariusz Kamiński.


The co-author of the report, Łukasz Frątczak, spoke on TVN24 about the details of the case disclosed in the material. He explained that the smuggling conversation was recorded in June 2018 in Dubai.

Frątczak: smuggled goods worth tens of millions of zlotys

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He reported that four people appear on it. – Igor T., Grzegorz P. – former CBA director and, importantly, former safety director of PKP Cargo and a member of the supervisory board of one of PKP Cargo’s daughter companies, i.e. PKP Cargo Connect – Marcin K. – also former CBA officer and Michał B. – this is a smuggler associated with a group of hooligans of one of the football clubs in Poland – he enumerated.

As the reporter said, “they discuss in some detail the plan to smuggle cigarettes to Poland on a gigantic scale”. He estimated that the value of this product is “tens of millions of zlotys”. – We are talking about smuggling with containers – he noted.

>>> The entire report will be broadcast on TVN24 on Saturday at 20.00 TVN24 GO

Reporter of “Supervisor”: to our knowledge, the prosecutor’s office did not see this recording

The reporter of “Supervisor” reported that the services are in possession of the above-mentioned recording and do nothing with it. – This is the most outrageous in this matter – assessed Frątczak.

– The services came into possession of this recording practically immediately after this meeting. Anyway, there were more meetings and there are also more recordings, we also know about it. The services came into possession and, to our knowledge, this recording has simply been lying somewhere on the bottoms of armored cupboards with documents for three years, the journalist reported. – It was decided not to show anyone. Neither the prosecutor’s office, nor anyone other than the Internal Security Agency, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Central Bureau of Investigation have this recording, ‘he enumerated.

Frątczak noted that he referred to the report Government spokesman Piotr Muellerwho said that “in Poland there can be no protective umbrella over anyone” and questions about the fate of this case should be addressed to the prosecutor’s office. – Well, no, because to our knowledge even the prosecutor’s office has not seen this recording. This video was just hidden. Why? Probably, we presume, because it concerns a person from the closest circle of Minister Mariusz Kamiński – commented the reporter.

Mueller on the reportage of “Supervisor” “Kaminski’s Man and the Great Smuggling”TVN24

– This is a really serious, serious matter and I hope that we will get some answer eventually. Because we sent questions to Minister Kamiński and all the time nothing – added Frątczak.

Reportage by “Supervisor” “Kaminski’s Man and the Great Smuggling”. The whole conversation with the co-author of the material, Łukasz FrątczakTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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