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Karczew. Scammers convinced her that her daughter caused the accident. She lost 30,000 zlotys

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Police have arrested four young men suspected of at least two cop scams. All were charged and arrested.

According to Paulina Harabin, a press officer of the Otwock police, in March officers from the Karczew police station received a notification of fraud.

– One of the inhabitants of the commune of Karczew was called by a man claiming to be a policeman who informed her about an accident caused by her daughter, in which a pregnant woman died. He convinced the interlocutor that her daughter was detained, but she could be released after paying bail, Harabin informed.

The woman believed and admitted how much money she kept at home. On the same day, a man claiming to be a policeman came to her and gave her PLN 30,000. – According to the investigators, a similar extortion, this time the amount of PLN 50,000, also took place in Żyrardów – noted Harabin.

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Charges and arrest for suspects

Police officers from the criminal department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters were also involved in solving the extortion case. – Officers, after carrying out various types of checks and findings, as well as analyzing the cases, determined that residents of Warsaw may be related to the fraud. As a result of a joint, coordinated criminal action of the capital city and Karczew, a total of four men aged 17-23 were detained for the case, Harabin pointed out.

– All detainees in the District Prosecutor’s Office in Otwock have already heard two charges of fraud using the “policeman” method. In addition, the 23-year-old will also be charged with directing a criminal practice. At the request of the prosecutor, the court decided to apply temporary detention to all four suspects, the policewoman added.

The case is ongoing, and it is possible that the detainees will face further charges.

How do scammers work?Police

We urge you to be especially careful when making financial decisions. Hearing a story in the handset that a loved one caused an accident, or the money on the account is at risk, we should first of all hang up and verify this information. Report such situations immediately to the police by calling 112.

Main photo source: KPP Otwock

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