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Karol Rzęsiewicz with a nomination in the Provincial Administrative Court. He previously worked as an airline steward

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You can change your life, especially if you are an acquaintance of Minister Zbigniew Ziobro. Karol Rzęsiewicz changed his job as a steward in Middle Eastern airlines for the job of a judge. The neo-KRS has already appointed several thousand neo-judges. Other judges are harassed by the changes and corruptions of the judiciary that the European courts have now told us to fix. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Long journeys, interesting destinations, work in an international environment and a comfortable landing at the Provincial Administrative Court in Wrocław. We are talking about the new nominee of the unconstitutional National Council of the Judiciary – Karol Rzęsiewicz. who six years ago was a flight attendant for a Middle Eastern airline and has now become a judge.

During the meeting of the National Court Register, an argument was made that “in the case of Karol Rzęsiewicz, the requirement of working for at least eight years as a judge, prosecutor, president, vice-president or counselor of the general prosecutor’s office is not met.”

But despite this recommendation, it worked. While flying as cabin crew, Rzęsiewicz studied law in absentia. After 2016, he became a member of the ministerial staff at the Ministry of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro. A colorful CV, but still not meeting the statutory requirements.

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Karol Rzęsiewicz changed his job as a steward in Middle Eastern airlines for the job of a judgeTVN24

Independent senator and former boss NIK Krzysztof Kwiatkowski points out that another condition was ten years of work in a position related to the application or creation of administrative law. – Karol Rzęsiewicz did not meet any of these conditions – he emphasizes.

He defeated 11 lawyers – some of them with 20 years of experience, because he flew out from under the wings of Minister Zbigniew Ziobro. – It would be extremely bad for Polish women and men if such people were to issue judgments on behalf of the Republic of Poland for the next 30 years – believes the president of the Association of Polish Judges “Iustitia”, Prof. Krystian Markiewicz.

Inconvenient judges repressed

Neo-KRS has already appointed about 3,000. neo-judges who pass judgment in neo-reality. They are burdened with a legal defect – at the same time, the system created by PiS represses inconvenient judges.

When their independence was claimed by European courts and the European Commission blocked the payment of funds to Poland, the authorities began to take steps back and unscrew what was created in the judiciary in violation of the rule of law. The judges began to return to the courts.

Judge Piotr Gąciarek reinstated to work “under previous conditions”TVN24

Piotr Gąciarek returned to work after 420 days. A district court judge in Warsaw says his return “means satisfaction”. – I am a judge, this is my place, but I will always say that satisfaction has a bitter note – says Piotr Gąciarek.

A new way to harass referees

Previously restored Igor Tuleya, who did not adjudicate for 740 days, i.e. over two years – the authorities did not like it when he pointed out a gross violation of the law. He also returned to work Pawel Juszczyszyn from Olsztyn, who was the first in Poland to question people nominated as judges by the politicized and unconstitutional KRS. He was suspended by one of the members of the National Council of the Judiciary, who was also his boss. Despite court verdicts, President Nawacki did not reinstate him.

After many fights, on political orders, he finally did it. Previously working in the civil department, he was reinstated in the family department – that’s why Nawacki is being sued. – I cannot imagine that the president of the District Court in Olsztyn refused to implement the order imposed on him by the decision of the labor court in Bydgoszcz – says Paweł Juszczyszyn.

Pawel JuszczyszynTVN24

Similarly, the returning Piotr Gąciarek got permission to work in the executive department, and ruled in the penal – nothing is as it should be. – This is a new way of harassing judges – believes the judge of the District Court in Krakow, Maciej Ferek, who is the last of the six judges prosecuted by the authorities, who is still in an unlawful state of suspension.

He himself chose a different way of fighting for his return. He showed before the court in Rzeszów that the president of the District Court in Krakow was acting unlawfully, the Disciplinary Chamber that suspended him was unlawful, so the cut in the judge’s salary was unlawful.

Ferek sent a bailiff to his president. As he explains, he did it because if the debtor voluntarily fails to perform the performance, then the creditor proceeds to enforcement. “It’s completely normal,” he says.

In the case of Judge Ferk, the Chamber of Professional Responsibility, heir to the dubious legacy of the Disciplinary Chamber, has not yet scheduled a hearing. However, it should be expected that this will happen, because the authorities depend on the agreement and EU money. Whether this is enough, the question remains open.

Author:Maciej Warsiński / prpb

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