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Kashubia. She spotted two dogs in the field and looked for them for eight months

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Two dogs abandoned in a field in Kashubia were noticed by Mrs. Natasza. When the animals ran away, she decided to find them. She informed about the search in social media. She traveled thousands of kilometers to track down the animals. After eight months, she noticed one of the dogs on the website of the shelter in Kościerzyna (Pomeranian Voivodeship). Then a second one was quickly found – the female was a few kilometers away and she already had a home.

The unusual story was described in the social media by Stowarzyszenie Paka dla Zwierzaka. It all started in April, when Mrs. Natasza noticed two frightened quadrupeds in a field in Kashubia, near Łapalice (Pomeranian Voivodeship). – Unfortunately, it happens that when someone wants to throw away dogs, he throws them away in certain specific places. Natasza has saved more than one dog, so she immediately suspected that someone might have abandoned these animals – says Marta Słodnik from Stowarzyszenie Paka dla Zwierzaka.

How Mrs. Natasza found Wenom

Before the dogs ran away, Natasza managed to take some photos. She decided to find the animals. – All Kashubia knew about them. Natasha and her husband traveled thousands of kilometers. They asked the inhabitants of the village, some even knew from the Internet about the ongoing search – reports Słodnik.

Mrs. Natasza noticed dogs in a field in Kashubia The Crate Association for Pets

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Mrs. Natasza received the last application on June 9. The dogs were seen in Smętowo Chmieleński (Pomeranian Voivodeship). The woman and her husband went there, but the animals were gone. – And from June there was silence. Nobody saw them. A few days ago, Natasza saw an advertisement on the website of the shelter in Kościerzyna in the “Today I hit” section. The doggy turned out to be one of the ones she was looking for – says Słodnik

The shelter workers named him Wenom. However, his dog friend was missing.


Mrs. Natasza noticed the dogs eight months agoThe Crate Association for Pets

The female dog was also found. Now his name is Abra

Słodnik admits that she did not know about Mrs. Natasza’s search before. Only recently did she read on social media about the entire story and the Wenom found. When she looked at the photos taken at the very beginning, near Łapalice, she noticed the resemblance of one of the dogs to a female that came to them a few weeks ago from the forest area in Stężyca.

– Her condition was bad, she was very neglected, she had a lot of ticks, a damaged eye, she was thin and bitten by other dogs. It never occurred to anyone that it might be the same female dog that was wanted, especially since her condition would not let anyone know that it was her. No one in the area knew the bitch, so there is a lot of history, an abandoned dog – emphasizes the representative of Paka dla Zwierzaka.

The female dog is now cured, chafed, vaccinated and sterilized. She found a new home in Gdańsk and was named Abra.

Abra already has a new homeThe Crate Association for Pets

Wenom will meet with Abraa

As Marta says, volunteers from Stowarzyszenie Paka dla Zwierzaka are in contact with the “Animalsi” Foundation, Animal Shelter in Kościerzyna, where Wenom is currently staying. The dog is scared and withdrawn. When he finishes quarantine, the Crate Society for Pets “will take him under its wing”.

– We want him to live with his friend with whom he wandered for eight months. There he will be waiting for a new home, maybe it will allow him to overcome the trauma – adds Słodnik.

The dogs are scheduled to meet on Wednesday, December 8. And Mrs. Natasza, who had been looking for them for eight months, became a volunteer for Stowarzyszenie Paka dla Zwierzaka.

The female dog was found in the forest in StężycaThe Crate Association for Pets

Christmas miracle

Volunteers call the story of Wenom and Ara “a Christmas miracle”. They also resemble a dog named Gary, who a year ago, also before Christmas, walked 30 kilometers to return home.

– Miracles happen. Maybe Santa is also real? – Thinks Słodnik.

Main photo source: The Crate Association for Pets

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