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Kasia Golomska from the Atlvnta duo about the concert in Radom: “Bodily integrity was taken away from me”

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The vocalist of the duo Atlvnta, Kasia Golomska, described on social media a man’s intrusion on the stage during a concert in Radom. He writes about taking away her “bodily inviolability”. “I still can’t believe that it really happened,” the artist notes.

As we read in the statement that Kasia Golomska posted on Instagram on Monday, the incident took place during Saturday’s concert in Radom. “My bodily integrity was taken away from me by a person who should not be on stage under any circumstances. I was slapped on the butt by a complete stranger. On stage. During my own concert. I still can’t believe it really happened.” the singer said in an entry that also appeared on the Atlvnta duo’s profile.

Further in the statement, Golomska writes that the situation that occurred in Radom is “a textbook example when my clothes and my body are treated as an open invitation, as common property.” And he adds: “An exposed body does not objectify me. The person who thinks about me in this way objectifies me.”

In her entry, Golomska emphasized that the way she looks “absolutely does not give anyone any right to touch her without her consent”, even if she “went on stage naked.” “I’m fed up with my value being measured based on how much clothes I wear. When exposed, I have no value. I don’t deserve respect,” the artist noted.

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Kasia Golomska, AtlvntaJerzy Dudek/Dzien Dobry TVN/East News

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Kasia Golomska for tvn24.pl: this is a warning to the organizers

We contacted Golomska to ask for a comment on this matter. The singer informed us that she does not intend to take any legal action against the man who harassed her. “It is enough for me that this situation will be a warning to the organizers and protection of this type of events,” she wrote. She added that after security guards were informed about what had happened, the attacker was taken out of Saturday’s concert.

Atlvnta is a musical duo consisting of Golomska and Kamil Durski, former members of the group Lily Hates Roses. The duo was founded in 2020. In the spring of 2021, they presented their first single, “Umrzesz tak jak ja”. A few months later, their debut album, “Atlvnta”, was released. In the summer of 2022, the duo’s last new song, “Bouquet of Black Roses”, premiered. Golomska and Durski describe their music as alternative rap and new wave pop. You can listen to it, among others: during concerts as part of Męskie Granie.

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Main photo source: Jerzy Dudek/Dzien Dobry TVN/East News

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