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Katarzyna Borczyk wanted by the police. She gave birth to the child and took it to the boiler room, her husband burned it in the stove

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The Lower Silesian police have been looking for Katarzyna Borczyk for several years, convicted in connection with the burning of the corpse of a newborn. The woman gave birth at home, then took the baby to the boiler room. There, her husband threw the body into a domestic oven. He has served his sentence and has already been released. She continues to successfully hide from law enforcement.

According to the findings of the investigators, on the night of June 30 to July 1, 2016, a woman gave birth to a child at home standing up so that it fell to the floor. After it hit the floor, the mother did nothing to help the newborn, the prosecutor’s office established. She took the baby to the boiler room. The husband did not know anything at first, but when he heard what had happened, he went to the boiler room, lit the stove and threw the corpse of the newborn into it.

The case came to light thanks to the inhabitants of Radwanice in Lower Silesia, where the couple lived. Rumors began to circulate in the village that the woman was pregnant, but the child was not. Someone notified the Municipal Social Welfare Center. Officials, assisted by the police, appeared at the couple’s home. The prosecutor’s office stepped in. Checked e.g. information, whether the newborn has not been sold abroad.

In the end, the woman broke down and, in an interview with prosecutors, admitted her guilt. She told what happened.

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She gave birth, he burned the baby in the oven. Both convicted

The ash found in the furnace was checked by experts. Their opinion showed that the secured material contained bones that could correspond to the bones of a newborn baby. The parents were examined by psychiatrists. It turned out that the couple is addicted to alcohol.

The couple went to court. She was responsible for exposing the child “to the danger of loss of life or serious damage to health”. He for “undertaking actions aimed at helping to avoid criminal liability and insulting human corpses”.

The trial was held behind closed doors, because the court, due to the nature of the case, decided to exclude the public. Sentence – two years in prison in the first instance, increased to four years after an appeal by the prosecutor’s office. The reasons for the court’s decision have been kept secret.

It is not known how long the child lived. Died in the Furnace (2016 video)TVN24 Wroclaw | D. spruce

Katarzyna Borczyk wanted

The newborn’s parents were brought from the detention center to the first trial, but after a few months they were already answering freely. After the final sentence was passed, the man appeared to serve his sentence and was even released.

However, the search for the mother has been going on ever since. A warrant was issued for her in September 2019. He is still on the list of people wanted by the police. Recently, the Polkowice command reminded of this fact by re-publishing her data and image.

Wanted Katarzyna BorczykKPP Polkowice

Katarzyna Borczyk (née Lewandowska), daughter of Jan and Krystyna, born on June 11, 1981. Last place of residence – Czerńczyce. Height 161-165 centimeters. Eye color – bright. A photo was attached to the message, with the caveat that it dates back to 2001, so the woman may have changed significantly since then.

BODY: shoe size – 26 cm, weight 50-69 kg, stocky (muscular) figure HAIR: straight, long, dark blond TEETH: full LIPS (MOUPS): medium EARS / EAR: well-adhering, medium NOSE: natural nose color, nose small, straight-lined EYES / EYE: narrowly spaced, normally set FOREHEAD: medium FACE: oval, complexion firm

Persons with any information about the woman are asked to contact the officers of the criminal department of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Polkowice in person or at the following numbers: 47 871 34 00, 47 871 35 02.

Main photo source: KPP Polkowice

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