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Katarzyna Nosowska celebrates her 50th birthday. All the faces of Nosowska

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Katarzyna Nosowska, singer, songwriter, composer and columnist, celebrates her 50th birthday. – I feel very happy and say this boldly for the first time in my life. It is completely wonderful, because after so many years of huddling in my arms, I come to the conclusion that all the effort I put into taming myself brings fruit – she said during last year’s meeting on the occasion of the premiere of her second book “Return from Bambuko”.

She gained recognition and recognition with the group Hey in the early 90s. Currently, she is one of the most important figures in Polish music. Her achievements include seven solo albums, for which she received: one double platinum, one platinum and four gold records. In addition, she is the record holder of the Fryderyks – she took them 28:16 individually, 11 – with the Hey group, and recently (in 2020) together with the co-authors of the album “Janerka na bassy i voices”. In addition to the original albums and the work of Hey, Nosowska has appeared almost 100 times on the discs of other artists.

A quarter of a century with Hey

She first appeared in public with the band Włochy in one of Szczecin’s music clubs in 1989. Later, she recorded backing vocals for Pidżama Porno and Alliance. In 1990, she began appearing as guest appearances in the songs of many bands and creators: Świetliki, Dezerter, Ścianka, Voo Voo, Pidżama Porno, and Piotr Banach. It was the latter who invited her to the band founded in 1992. A year later their first album “Fire” was released.

This is how the 25-year history of the group Hey began, with which Nosowska – until the activity was suspended – recorded 11 studio albums. The frontwoman was the author of the lyrics to almost all of the band’s hits.

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HEY leaves the stage. Material “Poland and the World” (archive video)tvn24

With Hey, they very often went beyond rock patterns, reaching for grunge and punk rock. They played acoustically and strongly electoral. In an interview with Tomasz-Marcin Wrona for “K MAG” in 2016, just before the premiere of the last studio album “Błysk”, Nosowska said: – At the very beginning, we assumed that we would be a band that would not break up after the first album. I think if we had played the first album for 24 years, we would have died of boredom.

And she added: – With each album that we record, we are equally afraid when it comes to reception. A complete flap and a meatball can happen with each plate. It wasn’t always rosy and fantastic.

After 25 years of playing together, Hey unexpectedly announced his suspension in October 2017. – I thought that this is the last moment for me to see what it is like to throw away the safety line – commented Nosowska’s decision in the program “Cuba Wojewódzki“.

Nosowska on the suspension Hey: bold, risky, but a great decision18.10 | I thought that after 25 years this is the last moment for me to see what it is like to discard the safety line – said Katarzyna Nosowska, singer in the “Kuba Wojewódzki” program, when asked about the reason for the suspension of the band Hey after 25 years. “I wanted to see who I am without this exposure to myself,” she said.TVN

A few days later, in an interview with tvn24.pl, she said: – I am focused on delving into myself, to fix as much as possible. In fact, I’m in the process of constantly renovating myself. I am very anxious to say goodbye to the planet in some noble form, revealing myself. All these external activities that are my participation, they also always come out of this margin. I make very little fuss about myself – I am quite a shy person.

“I am in the process of constantly renovating myself” (video from October 2017)tvn24

Katarzyna Nosowska – “the song must have a text”

From the very beginning, the birthday girl was looking for her own sounds that went beyond the group’s repertoire. Reaching for the artist’s debut solo album “puk.puk”, it is hard to believe that it was created in 1996. After all, this mixture of trip hop, electronic music, strong guitar playing with bold lyrics has not gotten old at all. Similarly with each subsequent one, in which she presented a completely different version of her musical fascinations.

The texts from which bittersweet observations of reality emerge are her artistic showcase. She quickly proved that she can play with both phonetic and poetic layers of Polish in an original way. Illustrate the world and the events he experiences with irony and a specific sense of humor. However, the main recurring themes in her texts are corporeality, femininity and complicated love. Nosowska’s texts have become not only material for many MA theses, but also for the book “Nosowska. A song must have a text”. Nosowska herself, in one of the interviews published in the weekly “Polityka”, argued that these are only the lyrics of songs that were created for specific, ready-made melodies.

Katarzyna Nosowska in the program “Another point of view” (July 2010)TVN24

Katarzyna Nosowska and her “baba from Instagram”

After Hey was suspended, “Instagram woman” appeared – Nosowska’s alter ego. The character she created quickly became a hit on the Internet. – I try – as in the lyrics of songs, in columns – to refer to things that take over me or I find that they are so universal that they must apply to all of us to a certain extent and at a certain stage in our lives. If I were to really confess, I would like these videos to make people feel together. In my opinion, rejecting all these superfluous comments from ourselves, at this deepest level, we are very, very similar and we feel almost the same, our dreams and fears are close to each other. Taking these films seriously, I would like them to make people feel: hell, we are identical, we operate within one pattern, and that’s not bad, she explained in 2017.

Nosowska: “baba z Instagram” is an ordinary coincidence (video from October 2017)tvn24

Short, funny comments on various situations – both from private life and media events – in which the phrase “and I told her” appeared, were written and published in the form of a book (“And I told her”). In 2020, during one of the meetings on the occasion of the premiere of her second book, “Return from Bambuko”, Nosowska confessed that it was amazing for her that in her darkest hour she was able to find a space to think about something humorously.

Katarzyna Nosowska returns from Bambuko

The second book, “Return from Bambuko”, is a collection of short stories on a much heavier topic. With her own distance, Nosowska revises her traumas. The author emphasized many times that her very bad mood was not a clinical depression and, respecting those struggling with depression, she did not want to describe her difficulties in this way. Therefore, she introduced the term “Bambuko”. – In Bambuko, you function in a constant contracture, which makes us constantly struggle with life – which is naturally difficult anyway – and this struggle is spread over all its spheres – explained the artist.

In the book, she argued that a kind of lockpick to the reality around us, especially in the event of a collision with a wall, is the question “so what?”. – Simple sounding “so what?” can be the key to all doors that hide from us access to happiness – she assessed.

– I think that for all these years I functioned like 30 percent. This is the last moment to try to take flight a bit, instead of soaking your wings in a puddle – she said at the end of October 2017, suggesting that maybe she will get another solo album, on which she would like to “relieve herself and finally comment on the old years. “.

Less than a year later – in October 2018 – her seventh solo album “Basta” was released. “2018, for various reasons, is different than the previous ones. Hey is resting, so I decided to spend this time on independence movements 🙂 Today I present you the first song from the album, which will be released in autumn. This time I will mix blood with Michael” Fox “King, which means that the words will occur in a duet with different sounds than before. The old lady invites you to express expression through movement “- wrote in a post on Facebook, presenting “Ja pas!” – the first single announcing “Basta”.

Fragment of the music video “Ja pas!” Katarzyna Nosowskacourtesy of Kayax

Nosowska created the play “Zmalowane wrota”, played a small role in the series “Druga chance” and in films, incl. “Maryjki” and “God of Internet”.

Finally, in October 2020, she said: – I feel very happy and say this boldly for the first time in my life. It is absolutely wonderful, because after so many years of huddling in my arms, I come to the conclusion that the fruit is bearing all the effort I put into taming myself, to re-look at reality. I am also proud of myself.

On the occasion of Nosowska’s birthday, a graphic appeared on her Instagram profile, which is a compilation of Nosowska’s incarnations so far. Because with the premiere of each of her solo albums, the artist revealed her new styling, making it clear that this is the next chapter in her work. In the graphic description we can read wishes from Basta’s team: “Fulfilling your next dreams! Endless inspirations and always great ideas !!! The best Kasia! 50 is the new 30!”

What will be the next incarnations of the artist? After more than 30 years of her presence on stage, we can be sure that we will be surprised more than once again.

Author:Tomasz-Marcin Wrona

Main photo source: Jakub Kaczmarczyk / PAP

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