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Kathleen Folbigg spent 20 years in prison for murdering children. “She was convicted on biased grounds”

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Child killer – this is the name Kathleen Folbigg has faced for the past two decades. An Australian woman whose four children died in infancy was serving time for strangling them. Although there was no direct evidence of this, the jury was convinced of the woman’s emotional coldness. The mother herself never confessed to the murder. 20 years later, genetic testing revealed that the woman was a carrier of the heart defect gene that her children had inherited.

It’s a gruesome story with no happy ending, no redress, no justice. Kathleen Folbigg has spent the last 20 years in prison. Australian media called her the worst mother in the world because she was convicted of murdering her four children. However, new research by pathologists and geneticists has found that the babies died a natural death caused by a rare genetic mutation. Their mother has just been released. – The position of the pathologist, who raises doubts about Ms Folbigg’s guilt, means that new circumstances have arisen. The pathologist’s opinion prevailed in favor of releasing Mrs. Folbigg as soon as possible. I met with the governor and recommended that he grant Mrs Folbigg an unconditional pardon, said Michael Daley, the New South Wales Attorney General.

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The story of Kathleen Folbigg and her children – Caleb, Patrick, Sara and Laura – aroused great interest in Australia. None of the children lived to the age of two. They all died in similar circumstances – no visible injuries, no signs of violence. Doctors declared cot death, death due to an epileptic attack or myocarditis, although the children had not been ill before.

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Kathleen Folbigg acquitted after 20 years in prisonPETER RAE/AAP/PAP/EPA

Notes in a diary

One of the main pieces of evidence against her mother were the entries in her diary.

“Today is Patrick’s birthday. I have mixed feelings. I don’t know if I can cope as a mother or if I will be as stressed as last time. Sometimes I feel sorry for Caleb and Patrick. Children make so many changes in life. And I don’t like change.” – reads the entry of June 3, 1990.

“I worry that another child will fall prey to my mood swings like the first one” Kathleen wrote on October 30, 1996.

“I’m thinking about Patrick, Sarah and Caleb. I’m stupid to have a baby again. Guilt haunts me.” – reads the entry dated February 4, 1997.

The Australian police and society have delivered their verdict. It was easy to judge a mother who did not grieve in public and was not in visible mourning. “There were times when I just had angry thoughts. What parent doesn’t have these thoughts when arguing with their child or when something is wrong? For example, when Laura wouldn’t fall asleep, I had bad thoughts, but I would never hurt her, Kathleen said during a 1999 hearing.


The conviction was reached unanimously by the jury and was later upheld by the appeals court and the supreme court. Kathleen Folbigg was to spend 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole until 2028. However, the woman’s friends continued to fight to clear her of the charges. A few years ago, at their request, forensic pathologists re-analyzed the medical records. They found no evidence of homicide, so they did genetic testing. They showed that the children inherited a gene from their mother that impairs the work of the heart.

“All this time, Kathleen Folbigg maintained her innocence. Looking at the medical and scientific evidence that began to emerge in 2019, we see that 20 years ago Kathleen was convicted on random and biased grounds. It has never been proven that her children were strangled or that she in any way contributed to their deaths, said Sue Higginson, a Green politician.

Kathleen Folbigg is probably staying with one of her friends right now. Australian media are analyzing the possibilities of obtaining compensation for two decades spent in prison.

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