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Katowice. A dog found in the rubble of a building destroyed by a gas explosion. Firefighters found him

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In the rubble of a collapsed tenement house in Katowice, firefighters found a small dog. The animal survived the crash and is in good condition, according to the fire department. Rescue operations are underway at the scene of the tragedy. The services are still looking for one person who may be under the rubble.

On Friday around 8.30 am in a private building of the Evangelical-Augsburg parish at 20 Bednorza Street in the Szopienice district of Katowice there was a gas explosion. The building collapsed, firefighters are searching the crash site.

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In the rubble, rescuers found, among other things, a small dog. During the TVN24 reporter, firefighters were seen carrying a dog covered in dust. Arkadiusz Przybyła, the deputy commander of the Silesian State Fire Service, informed that the animal “is in good condition”. As reported by TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Marczok, the dog was taken under the care of veterinarians.

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Firefighters pulled a small dog out of the rubbleTVN24

A dog pulled from the rubbleTVN24

The Main Headquarters of the State Fire Service also announced on social media that the dog had been found. The photos show how firefighters gave first aid to the animal.

Katowice. An explosion in a tenement house, firefighters found the body

Searching for people who may have been in the ashes of the building at the time of the explosion, firefighters found the woman’s body. As Jarosław Wieczorek, the Silesian Voivode informed after 12:00, “the rescue operation is being continued”. We’re still looking for one person. We deeply believe that either we will find her alive or we will not find anyone there and that person will be in a different place – he added.

The effects of a gas explosion in a tenement house in Katowice Silesian Police

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According to the information available so far, seven people have been evacuated from the ashes – four people from this group are in the hospital. Children are among the injured.

Main photo source: TVN24

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