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Katowice. A new housing estate in Burowiec, the voivode annulled the consent of the councilors for construction in the “lex developer” mode

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The inhabitants of the Burowiec estate in Katowice did not want new terraced houses, because they are to be built on the last green area. The councilors agreed to the construction, because the estate is to develop. Now the voivode has rejected their resolution, because there is no road to the planned buildings.

The investor – the owners of the Pietrzak Group – want to build multi-family houses on their plot in the Burowiec district in Katowice. Originally, these were supposed to be multi-storey blocks, after the protests of the inhabitants of Katowice, they changed the blocks into terraced houses.

The residents are protesting because the address of the investment at Mroźna Street is the last green area in Burowiec, a place for walks and at the same time part of the planned Katowice-Sosnowiec velostrada.

On Tuesday, the legal supervision of the Silesian Voivode rejected the resolution of Katowice councilors who agreed to the investment on the basis of the special housing act, called “lex developer”.

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Protest in front of the seat of the Katowice City CouncilTVN24

No road access, no bus stop nearby

The voivode pointed out the non-compliance of the resolution with the Special Housing Act.

“As part of the residential investment, there is no road provided for access to a public road, and there is no public road adjacent to the residential investment from which such access could be provided. Moreover, there is no transport stop that meets the requirements of the City Council Katowice of urban standards” – we read in the supervisory decision of the voivode.

The city assured that the road and the stop are in the plans. However, the governor did not accept these explanations. He pointed out that the access of the construction site to a public road is also required by the Construction Law.

They want to build 48 buildings

Thanks to the “lex developer”, the investor can build regardless of the applicable local spatial development plan. It just needs the approval of the city council. Katowice members passed the resolution “on determining the location of a residential investment in the area of ​​ul. Mrozna in Katowice” May 9. 48 buildings could be built on Burowiec.

14 councilors voted for the resolution, 11 were against. The project passed with the votes of Law and Justice and the Forum Samorządowe club and Marcin Krupa. The politicians of the Civic Coalition were against it. Two opposition councilors were absent from the session.

Protest in front of the seat of the Katowice City CouncilTVN24

Residents: We do not lay down our arms

The councilors took up the draft resolution once again, because earlier – at the end of March – it was rejected by them. Later, however, in April, the council voted again, this time on the opposite sounding resolution on “refusal to determine the location of a residential investment” along with the justification. They voted against, which opened the way for another trial. At an extraordinary session – at the beginning of May – the supporters of the new estate managed to get their way.

The decision of the councilors was not to the taste of the inhabitants of the area, who organized a protest in front of the building where the deliberations were taking place. “Despite numerous objections from residents, over 500 signatures on the petition, conflict with the project of the planned Katowice-Sosnowiec velostrada and negative opinions of urban planners, the City Council is still trying to push through this pathological idea of ​​the developer” – they said before the demonstration.

As one of the inhabitants of Burowiec, Łukasz Woźniak, said in an interview with TVN24, despite the decision of the councilors, the inhabitants of Katowice “do not lay down their arms”. – We will fight until the end. There is also a court, there is a governor. There are still many things that residents can do, he stressed.

Protest in front of the seat of the Katowice City CouncilTVN24

Councilor KO: a resolution pushed by the knee

One of the key aspects that the opponents of the investor’s plans do not like is the collision with the planned Katowice-Sosnowiec velostrada.

Magdalena Sklorz, on the initiative of Zielony Burowiec, emphasized that the protesting residents want to defend “the last green belt left on Burowiec”. – The area is not suitable for the construction of a residential investment, we defend the greenery so that it is handed over for the construction of a velostrada to Sosnowiec instead of for developers – she noted.

Łukasz Borkowski, a councilor of the Civic Coalition, spoke in a similar tone, stressing that his club opposes the developer’s plans. – Greenery, sustainable development, sensible spatial planning are important. The resolution is pushed with a knee and stands in the way of sensible spatial planning, the politician assessed.

“The resolution is pushed by the knee.” Civic Coalition against a new housing estate in Burowiec in KatowiceTVN24

The developer’s representative was also present at the session. Mateusz Smugowski, Investment Director at the Pietrzak Group, admitted that he was satisfied with the result of the councilors’ vote.

The investor defends a new housing estate in Burowiec in Katowice

The investor defends a new housing estate in Burowiec in KatowiceTVN24

– From the very beginning, the investor shows the possibilities of reconciling the construction of the estate with the construction of the velostrada. There are field opportunities for that. The city has its own plots of land that it can use for this purpose (…). We are constantly listening to the voices and protests of residents, hence the change of our concept. Initially, multi-storey blocks of flats were to be built there. Now we are talking about terraced buildings, definitely lower, which in no way interfere with the structure of the Zimowe estate – said Smugowski.

Main photo source: TVN24

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