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Katowice. Donald Tusk on the development of Silesia, coal mining, energy and moving the Ministry of Industry to Silesia

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Silesia will once again become an industrial power, and the Polish energy sector will become modern – said PO chairman Donald Tusk in Katowice. He assessed that once money was a problem for the development of the region, and “today the stupid, stubborn PiS government is a problem.” He also announced that if the Civic Platform takes power, one of the first decisions will be to move the ministry of industry to Silesia.

Chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk visited Katowice on Saturday, where a meeting of the Civic Coalition club was held. There he also met with the inhabitants of the city and spoke to others about the development of the region.

As he assessed, “a reliable Silesian approach to one’s duties is enough for the dreams of rebuilding the industrial power of Silesia to become a fact.” Money was usually the biggest barrier. When large areas of Silesia were devastated, when industry collapsed, when mines felt threatened for various reasons, including economic ones, individual governments in Poland had quite a serious problem how to finance these dreams of restitution of Silesia’s power – he said.

According to him, “today this money is not a problem.” – Today, the problem is a stupid, stubborn PiS government that blocks access to money – assessed the head AFTER.

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“Silesia will become an industrial power again”

In his opinion, no one today wonders whether the extraction of Polish coal should be limited. – Last year showed very clearly that the extraction of Polish coal is not a problem, but the import of coal from Russiaor very exotic countries. We want to extract Polish coal and it is not in conflict with the idea of ​​energy transformation in the slightest – he said.

Tusk argued that “Silesia can and will be an industrial power, coal will be mined in Silesian mines and at the same time the dream of especially young generations of Silesians about green Silesia, where there is cheap energy, will come true, which will become a scientific center.”

The PO chairman announced that EUR 80 billion is allocated for Poland for the energy transformation in the European Union. – This means, if we decide about it, that the overwhelming part of this amount, this hitherto unimaginable river of money, must go here to Silesia and will go here. Just like the money they’re for should come here PIS cannot reach from the so-called justice of transformation – he added.

– Silesia will become an industrial power again, so that the Polish energy sector becomes modern, so that the changes taking place in the energy sector become an opportunity for Silesia, not a threat – he declared.

Tusk announces the transfer of the Ministry of Industry to Silesia

Donald Tusk also announced that if PO takes power, “one of the first decisions – it would have not only a symbolic, but also a practical dimension – in connection with our plans to rebuild large industry, modern industry in Silesia and also to emphasize how important authentic decentralization, authentic self-government is, will be the decision to move the ministry of industry here in Silesia.

– Let this decision (…) be such a sign for other regions, not only for Silesia, that self-government will become a fact again, that local governments will be a key partner for us and that we will rebuild people’s faith in their strength – he added.

Donald Tusk announces the transfer of the Ministry of Industry to SilesiaTVN24

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