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Katowice, drone incident at the airport. The quadrocopter drone was flying 50 meters below the Wizz Air plane

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A quadrocopter drone flew on Monday at a distance of about 50 meters under the plane heading to Katowice-Przyrzowice airport, the airport spokesman Piotr Adamczyk confirmed to TVN24. He added that the object was spotted about 20 kilometers from the airman when the plane was at an altitude of 1,200 meters.

As told TVN24, the spokesman for the Katowice airport, Piotr Adamczyk, on Monday “around 3 p.m. the airport management received a report of the incident from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency”. – The crew of the Wizz Air plane, which flew from the Dutch Eindhoven, when approaching the airport in Katowice-Pyrzowice, noticed the drone – he explained.

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He added that “the drone was spotted in the area of ​​the Mrzygłód district in Myszków, 20 kilometers in a straight line from the airport”, and “the plane was then at an altitude of 1,200 meters”.

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– The drone was flying at a distance of about 50 meters below the height of the aircraft – Adamczyk said – The crew reported to PANSA and air traffic control services that they missed the drone. The police were notified and border guards. The plane landed safely at 3:12 p.m., the spokesman said.

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He noted that the incident did not result in any difficulties for the airport or passengers.

The object that flew under the plane was a quadrocopter drone. When it was several dozen meters below the machine, the plane was approaching the stabilization position before approaching the Katowice airport runway, the spokesman said.

The Myszków district was selected as the drone flight area, where – according to RMF – the search for equipment and its operator is being carried out.

What does the procedure look like

In such situations, PANSA traffic controllers who receive such information report it to the airport manager. The latter, in turn, is obliged to immediately notify the police, the Border Guard and the internal security service of the airport.

As Adamczyk assured, the notification was made immediately. At the same time, the involved institutions, including PANSA, report the situation in the aviation occurrence reporting system. Then the case goes to the Civil Aviation Office and the State Commission for Aircraft Accident Investigation.

Monday’s incident and the actions that followed it were also confirmed to PAP by PANSA spokeswoman Rusłana Krzemińska.

The drone missed the landing LOT plane in Warsaw by about 30 meters

To other The drone incident took place on Saturday, May 13 in Warsaw. An unidentified drone the size of a glider passed by about 30 meters a LOT plane landing at Warsaw Chopin Airport, according to the recording from the tower, which was reached by tvn24.pl. Our informants are of the opinion that a catastrophe was very close. We learned from the spokesperson of the national carrier that the pilots have prepared a report and the case is being investigated by the aviation accident investigation commission in LOT Polish Airlines.

A spokeswoman for PANSA reported that it was not “visible on radars”. “Inspectors also did not detect it during visual observation” – she added.

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