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Katowice. Failure to yield the right of way on a pedestrian crossing and a high fine. A hair away from hitting a woman with a child, recording

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One step away from the tragedy in Katowice. A woman and a child entering a pedestrian crossing at a green light were almost hit by a passing car that did not give way to them. The pedestrian avoided the accident by stopping at the last moment in front of the lanes. The entire incident was recorded by a witness camera from another vehicle. The police found the driver of the Opel and punished her with a heavy fine.

A dangerous event took place in Katowice at the intersection of Graniczna and Krasińskiego Streets. The driver of the Opel turning left did not give way to a woman with a child who were just entering the pedestrian crossing. There was little to do with tragedy.

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Failure to give right of way at the crossing. Video from Katowice

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The whole incident was recorded by a camera in another vehicle. The witness sent the recording to the police mailbox “Stop road aggression”. The video shows the green light on the pedestrian crossing. Drivers turning towards the “zebra” may also pass, but giving way to pedestrians.

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However, this rule is broken by an Opel car which, turning left from Krasińskiego Street into the narrower Graniczna Street, runs right in front of a woman with a child entering the lanes. Pedestrians stopped at the last moment and avoided the accident.

The police found the driver

After the recording was sent to the police box “Stop road aggression”, the uniform found the driver of the Opel.

“Police officers from the I police station established that a 37-year-old resident of Będzin was driving the Opel. The woman was fined PLN 1,500 and 15 points were credited to her account,” reads the Silesian police release.

Once again, we appeal to all road users to comply with the rules, mutual respect and common sense.

Main photo source: Silesian Police

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