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Katowice. LPR helicopter grounded. Because there is a mass event going on at the airport

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The air ambulance crew helped the patient on Saturday and could not return to the base at the Katowice-Muchowiec airport. There is a mass event taking place there, and the airport manager decided to close the airspace – also for rescue flights – which the crew learned about during the mission. Ultimately, based on a one-time consent, she returned from the hospital helipad to the base, but she can no longer fly out. The ban is to apply until tomorrow, at 6.

“Who allowed this? Are mass events worth more than human lives?” “Massacre, no words.” “It's only possible in Poland”

Such comments appeared under Saturday's post on the Facebook profile “112Tychy – Tyskie Rescue Services”, informing that residents of the Silesian Voivodeship and emergency services cannot count on the support of the Air Ambulance helicopter.

The helicopter is parked at the Katowice-Muchowiec airport in a hangar. He can't fly out LPR

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They helped a cyclist. They were standing on the hospital landing pad

– Yesterday around At 16, a call was received for a rescue flight to Szczyrk. The idea was to help a cyclist with a spine injury. The crew transported him to the hospital in Katowice on Ligota, but during the operation they learned that he could not return to his base. Because the manager of the Katowice-Muchowiec airport, where the LPR helicopter is stationed, decided to exclude it from air operations – says Justyna Sochacka, spokeswoman for LPR.

A mass event has been taking place at the airport since Friday – the 11th International Rally of American Vehicles.

LPR spokeswoman: an unusual situation

– There was already information about the flight ban. However, the ban did not apply to rescue flights. Sometimes such situations also occur at other airports, but usually the bans do not apply to rescue flights. In this case it is different. The situation is certainly unusual, the spokeswoman notes.

As the helicopter could not return to the base, it was parked at the hospital landing pad in Ligota.

They returned to the base. Now they can't fly out

– It was only around 9:30 p.m., after the crew finished their duty at 8 p.m., that we received one-time permission from the airport manager to return to the base. And so it happened. The helicopter is now in the hangar, says Sochacka.

When asked if the manager justified his decision in any way, he says that there was only short information about the ban.

– We are only a user of the airport. We cannot violate the manager's prohibitions, the spokeswoman emphasizes.

Helicopters from Krakow or Opole will help, but they may have problems getting back

He adds that currently the airport is still open – until tomorrow at 6 – is closed.

– Even for rescue flights. The crew is currently on standby but cannot use the helicopter. Patients from the Silesian Voivodeship can be helped by crews from neighboring bases – in Krakow and Opole. However, the arrival time will obviously be longer than if a crew from Katowice was sent to the operation – explains the spokeswoman.

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He also points out that it could happen that a helicopter from Krakow or Opole – after a completed mission – could have a problem returning to its base.

– If he needed to refuel, he could not do it at the Katowice-Muchowiec airport – Sochacka points out.

We tried to call the airport management, but to no avail.

Main photo source: LPR

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