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Katowice. On the highway, they detained a suspect in a brutal beating of a woman, he tried to go abroad

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At the end of July, a woman was brutally beaten in the center of Katowice. The policemen selected a suspect who is associated with the community of hooligans. – He was stopped on the A4 motorway when he tried to go abroad – inform Katowice officials.

The assault took place on July 25 at ul. Mariacka Street – one of the most popular promenades in Katowice, full of pubs and restaurants. A video was published on the Internet where the incident was recorded – the attacker, who is in the company of several colleagues, first in a vulgar way accosts a woman, and then several times hits and kicks the man standing in her defense. After a while, he also deals strong blows to the woman herself, who falls down the promenade.

“Criminals from the city headquarters in Katowice have been working on this case from the moment the victim’s family reported it several hours after the incident. They reached the recordings from the scene, but also to the witnesses. connection with this crime “- Katowice police reported on Thursday.

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After being beaten, he disappeared

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The detainee was known to the police before, he has contacts with hooligans of one of the Silesian teams. After being beaten, he disappeared and hid in various places. “Yesterday (Wednesday, ed.), The car in which the wanted person was traveling was stopped in the area of ​​the gates in Brzęczkowice. The man was a passenger and tried to go abroad using a popular service offering shared rides” – the police describe.

The suspect was elusive for two weeksSilesian police

Police: there were witnesses, no one reported the beating

“This incident had undoubtedly shocked the public opinion for several days, we all asked ourselves how this situation could have happened in the heart of Katowice. Where was the Police? Katowice policemen wrote in a press release. As they pointed out, the uniforms from this city make an average of 220 interventions every day, and in the case of urgent events, reaching the place from the moment of receiving the notification takes them just over eight minutes.


“This time there was no such report. There were several patrols, both motorized and pedestrians, in the center, but unfortunately the information did not reach them. Only on that day, in the very center of the city, the police intervened as many as 65 times” – emphasized the police. and added that from the beginning of the summer holidays, the “Safe City of Katowice 2021” activities are carried out on all weekends in the evening and night time, which are focused only on the city center, more patrols are directed to this area.

Suspected of brutally beating a woman, arrested while trying to escape abroadSilesian police

“Even though the City Police Headquarters in Katowice has the largest number of policemen in comparison to other Police units in the Silesian Voivodeship, it is impossible to expect that uniforms will have a direct view of the behavior of hundreds of thousands of people (residents, students, employees of Katowice companies and tourists) and they were responsible for these behaviors. All these factors meant that we reacted later than the situation required and the residents expected. As a result, we did not prevent this situation, but after two weeks, as a result of the work of many policemen, we arrested the man 100% responsible for this incident ” – indicates the Katowice police.

We would like to remind you that when reporting an incident to the 112 emergency number, we can ask you to remain anonymous, and we can also use the National Security Threat Map – a tool that allows for reliable and legible identification and presentation, including to local communities, of the scale and type of threats.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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