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Katowice. Sentence in the appeal process of hooligans from Psycho Fans. “Maślak” sentenced to 15 years in prison

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15 members of Ruch Chorzów hooligans from the Psycho Fans group were sentenced to prison. Now the Court of Appeal in Katowice has upheld this sentence almost in its entirety. Maciej M., “Maślak”, was punished the most severely. In total, the defendants were responsible for about one hundred crimes. The decision is final.

The harshest sentence was heard by Maciej M., ps. Maślak, believed by investigators to be the head of the group. Among the acts of which the hooligans were accused were burglaries, thefts and robberies, as well as the so-called set-ups, drug trafficking and beatings. Invalid judgment in this case was passed in May 2021 by the District Court in Gliwice.

Maciej M. was sentenced by the court in Gliwice to 15 years in prison, the other defendants were sentenced by the court from one year and three months to 14 years of imprisonment. Only in relation to one of them (sentenced to two years in prison), the court decided to conditionally suspend the sentence – in the case of the other 15 people, prison sentences are absolute. The court – in May 2021 – also imposed fines on the convicts and obliged them to repair the damage caused.

In the district court in Gliwice, the Psycho Fans gang was sentenced (video from May 2021)TVN24

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Reaction of hooligans to the upheld verdict

Now the Court of Appeal in Katowice decided that the verdict of the first instance court was correct – it made only minor corrections to this ruling. Like the district court, the court of second instance believed the so-called small crown witnesses – members of the Psycho Fans gang, who decided to cooperate with law enforcement and incriminated their companions.

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One of the detentions of Psycho Fans membersCBS

Three of the defendants were brought from the arrests for Wednesday’s verdict – apart from “Maślak”, Łukasz L., “Lucky” sentenced to 14 years and Rafał Z., “Zenek”. Immediately after the verdict was delivered, “Maślak” raised his hand and asked if the court had indeed upheld the sentences. After receiving confirmation, he stated that he wanted to leave the courtroom. So did his companions. “This is some kind of farce”, “Worse than na Belarus” – said “Lucky”.

The judgment is final. It can only be appealed to the Supreme Court.

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“Maślak” in front of the appellate court (photo from May 2022)Zbigniew Meissner/PAP

Main photo source: Zbigniew Meissner/PAP

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