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Katowice. The 19-year-old was run over by a bus driver. There are section results

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Extensive multi-organ external and internal injuries resulted in the death of the 19-year-old, the prosecutor reported on Tuesday. The woman was fatally run over by a bus driver in Katowice. The man heard charges of murder and was arrested.

Monika Łata from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice informed about the preliminary results of the section of the 19-year-old woman who had been driven by the bus. – According to preliminary conclusions, the cause of death was very extensive, multi-organ injuries, both internal and external, which led to cardiac arrest – said the prosecutor, a toxicological opinion will probably be prepared for the investigation. A full, written expert opinion will be prepared in the coming weeks.

The bus driver claimed that he set off because he was afraid for his life and health

The tragic event took place on Saturday before six in the morning near the stop on Mickiewicza Street. A city bus driver, after knocking over a 19-year-old girl, went to the depot and was detained there. On Sunday, he was charged with the murder of a 19-year-old girland allegations of the attempted murder of two other people who were on the bus track. He was temporarily arrested for three months.

31-year-old bus driver brought to the prosecutor’s office in KatowiceTVN24

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– Łukasz T., questioned as a suspect, partially confessed to the allegation and stated that he was afraid for his life and health. He was afraid of being attacked by a group of people – both on the right and on the left; that’s why he went by bus – prosecutor Monika Łata informed on Sunday.

After the incident, the 31-year-old was tested for alcohol content in the body. The result was negative, the man was sober. He also had blood taken for tests for the content of other intoxicants. According to the prosecutor’s office on Monday, toxicological studies showed that the bus driver had three types of drugs in his body – anti-depressants and analgesics. No drugs or alcohol were found in his system.


Prosecutor Aleksander Duda from the Katowice-West District Prosecutor’s Office added on Monday that Łukasz T. had participated in eight collisions before Saturday’s tragedy. However, he did not explain who was the perpetrator of these events.

The circumstances of the fight that took place on Saturday morning in Mickiewicza Street will be the subject of a different procedure – materials on this topic were excluded from the death of the 19-year-old on Monday.

In the personal file of the 31-year-old “everything is fine”

Ferdynand Reiss, vice president of Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej in Katowice, where Łukasz T. was employed, told us that he did not know that the driver was taking any strong medications. He admitted that he was checking the personal file of the 31-year-old and “everything is fine in it”.

– Each of our drivers is subject to periodic medical and psychological examinations. When it comes to medical research, it is a period regulated by law – three years and our driver [Łukasz T. – red.] had studies valid until October 27, 2023. Psychological tests and their validity period depends individually on the doctor’s decision. In the case of this driver, these tests took place on October 27 last year and the person conducting these tests extended our driver’s permit for 5 years until October 27, 2025 – explained Reiss.

As he added, PKM documents show that Łukasz T., as a driver, participated in one collision and he was not the perpetrator. He also stated that the bus he was driving on the unlucky Saturday was technically fully operational.

The Management Board of PKM issued a statement on the accident. “We are shocked by what happened and we sincerely sympathize with the deceased’s family. We are also observing the wave of hatred caused by this misfortune with great anxiety and sadness. Bad emotions and offensive comments judging both the victim and the perpetrator of this accident are, in our opinion, not only inappropriate, but above all hurting the feelings of relatives of those people who lost their peace of mind for a long time by this tragic event. how this misfortune happened, they assessed who was at fault and imposed an appropriate penalty “- we read on the PKM website.

PKM managers emphasized that they cooperate in this matter with the investigators and the city authorities. “We will do everything we can to clarify this matter,” they wrote.

Earlier, the tragedy was referred to by the Metropolitan Transport Authority, which organizes and orders public transport in Silesia.

Main photo source: TVN24

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