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Friday, October 22, 2021

Katowice. The train is under fire between Katowice-Załęże and Katowice stations. Spokesperson for Koleje Śląskie: probably a firearm

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Between the Katowice-Załęże station and Katowice, someone shot at the train, damaging two windows in it. Nothing happened to any of the passengers. Preliminary findings show that the perpetrator used a firearm. The spokesman of Koleje Śląskie, Tomasz Musioł, said that such behavior was “extreme irresponsibility”.


“Gazeta Wyborcza” was the first to publish this information. According to her, the incident took place on Sunday afternoon. The Katowice police confirm that the incident took place, but make a reservation that it is too early to talk about how the windows were damaged. The policemen inspected the damage and accepted a report of suspected crime.

Spokesman for Koleje Śląskie on “extreme irresponsibility”

More details were provided in an interview with TVN24 by the press spokesman of Koleje Śląskie, Tomasz Musioł.

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– After leaving the Katowice-Załęże station, the passengers reported the damage to our train manager, recognized after the failure of two services, one in the door and the other in the window. Fortunately, no one was sitting nearby, no one was hurt, so the train reached the final station, to Katowice – he said. He added that preliminary findings show that the perpetrator used a firearm.

He stated that such behavior on the part of the perpetrator was “extreme irresponsibility”.

The train was fired between the Katowice-Załęże station and Katowice Google Maps

The spokesman announced that the train was taken to the base, where it is being inspected and evaluated. – We are downloading monitoring for the police as evidence – he informed. He also explained that every railway accident is reported to the police, the trains are insured, and the police investigate the case together with the railway commission.

– There were some inconveniences for passengers, but we are prepared for emergency situations on the rolling stock – said Tomasz Musioł.

Main photo source: Google Maps

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