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Kaufland. Recycling fee for tear-offs in Kaufland stores – the network explains when the fee is charged

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Kaufland charges customers a recycling fee for the so-called tear-offs when they are used contrary to their intended purpose. The fee for one bag is 25 groszy. The amount is added to the bill at the cash desk, the company explained. The fee is also charged in other large retail chains.

UOKiK reminded businesses in a recent social media post that they must charge customers a recycling fee for plastic bags. “The exception is very thin bags, so-called tear-offs, used for their intended purpose (for hygienic reasons and for packaging food sold in bulk),” we could read in a Twitter post.

The fee for the so-called the tear-off fee is collected in Kaufland stores when they are used contrary to their intended use.

Recycling fee in Kaufland stores

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– The recycling fee for light plastic bags with a thickness of less than 15 microns is not charged when they are the primary packaging for food sold in bulk, including fruit, vegetables, bread or candy – explained Maja Szewczyk, director of the Corporate Communication Department at Kaufland Polska.

– Acting in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the management of packaging and packaging waste, the Kaufland network charges a recycling fee of PLN 0.25 if the customer packs products with their own packaging in the bag. Then it is added to the bill at the cash desk – pointed out Szewczyk.

As we reported recently, fee for the has been introduced in Auchan stores since July 5 this year. The fee for one bag is also PLN 0.25. It is similar in Carrefour and Netto stores.

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