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Kazakhstan. President Tokayev dissolved the parliament and announced early elections

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Kazakhstan’s president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, as announced, dissolved the parliament and announced early elections. It will take place in March, Reuters reported.

President Kazakhstan dissolved parliament and called early elections. They will take place in March, Reuters reported on Thursday. Kasym-Zomart Tokayev announced early elections in the fall of last year, the agency reminded. Since taking power, the president of Kazakhstan has introduced a number of constitutional reforms. The registration threshold for political parties was lowered from 20 to 5,000 members, and the minimum size of their regional offices was set at 200 people. The electoral threshold was also lowered from 7 to 5 percent.

Kasym Tokayev during the ODKB summit kremlin.ru

There was also an innovation in the voting process itself. An additional option to vote against all candidates appeared on the ballot papers.

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Although party registration requirements have been relaxed under Tokayev’s rule, and as a result, several new political parties have been registered for the first time, the legislature is likely to remain strongly pro-government, according to the media.

Main photo source: kremlin.ru

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