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Kazimierz Dolny. He was charged with animal cruelty. His three dogs were taken away

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A 66-year-old from the Kazimierz Dolny commune (Lublin Voivodeship) is facing up to three years in prison. According to police findings, he kept dogs in inappropriate conditions, without access to water, appropriate food and veterinary care. The two female dogs and the puppy taken from him were taken to a hospital. The man could not explain the reasons for his actions.

Representatives of the Fundacja Po Ludzku do Zwierzet “Przyjazna Łapa” entered one of the properties in the Kazimierz Dolny commune, where there were dogs neglected by the owner.

However, residents present at the site made it difficult for them to accurately check the condition of the animals.

The dogs were in poor condition Po Ludzku Do Zwierzat Foundation – Przyjazna Łapa

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The puppy had a serious wound on its head

“It became possible only after the officers arrived at the site. Unfortunately, it turned out that the suspicions about the poor condition of the animals were confirmed,” writes Commissioner Ewa Rejn-Kozak from the District Police Headquarters in Puławy in a press release.

He adds that two female dogs and a puppy were flea-infested, worm-infested and emaciated.

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“Additionally, the puppy had a serious wound on its head, it had difficulty breathing, there were worms crawling on it and everything indicated that it would not survive if left in this condition,” the policewoman notes.

In the hospital they slowly started to recover

The animals were taken by the foundation’s employees and immediately taken to the veterinary hospital in Puławy.

They were taken to a hospital Po Ludzku Do Zwierzat Foundation – Przyjazna Łapa

“Examinations showed that the dogs were in bad condition, but after being cared for by a vet, they slowly started to recover,” emphasizes Comm. Rejn-Kozak.

He faces up to three years in prison

The officers interviewed a number of witnesses and secured documentation regarding the animals. They also determined that the owner of the property and animals is a 66-year-old resident of the Kazimierz Dolny commune.

They started to recover Po Ludzku Do Zwierzat Foundation – Przyjazna Łapa

“Based on the above findings, procedural documentation was prepared in accordance with Article 35 of the Animal Protection Act, which states that anyone who kills, euthanizes or abuses an animal shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment for up to 3 years,” the police inform.

He gave up his animals for the foundation

The 66-year-old has already been charged with animal abuse – three dogs – by keeping them in inappropriate living conditions, in a state of gross neglect and sloppiness, without access to clean water, proper nutrition and veterinary care.

The man could not explain the reasons for his actions. He gave up his rights to the animals in favor of “Friendly Paw”.

The dogs were kept in inappropriate conditions Po Ludzku Do Zwierzat Foundation – Przyjazna Łapa

Main photo source: Po Ludzku Do Zwierzat Foundation – Przyjazna Łapa

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