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Monday, September 27, 2021

Kaźmierzów. An accident on S3. The drivers turn back and go upstream along the corridor of life

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Firemen from the Volunteer Fire Department Zagrodno witnessed how several dozen drivers turned back on the S3 expressway and went upstream along the corridor of life to the nearest exit. The traffic jam was created as a result of an accident, three cars crashed near Kaźmierzów (Lower Silesia).

The incident took place on Sunday, around 2 p.m. on the 253th kilometer of the S3 expressway. – As a result of not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front, a Mercedes driver ran into the back of an Audi car, which, as a result of an impact, himself hit another Mercedes car. The 77-year-old and 71-year-old from the first Mercedes were released from the hospital after helping them. The Audi driver suffered general bruises. The driver of the second Mercedes was not seriously injured. Everyone was sober – says Przemysław Rybikowski, spokesman of the Polkowice Police.


Cars collided on the S3 expressway112polkowice.com.pl

Corridor of life against the tide

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On-site assistance was provided by firefighters from JRG Polkowice and OSP Sobin, as well as emergency medical teams. In order for the rescuers to reach the victims of the accident quickly and efficiently, the drivers created the corridor of life. By accident, firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department Zagrodno, who also stood on the extreme fragments of the road, hit the ground.

– We were on our way back from the sea, from the fire brigade group. I must commend some of the drivers for creating the corridor of life. Some, however, broke the rules and turned back, as shown in the video. There are only a few cars in the film, but before I started the recording, there were still about 50 of them. We saw how the Volunteer Fire Department had to stop, because a dozen or so cars were going against the current in the corridor. Such behavior of drivers is a mockery of the regulations – says Damian Zajdel from OSP Zagrodno.

The cars were going upstream to the next exit, about a kilometer. Police from Polkowice are already familiar with the recording. There will be proceedings against drivers who have broken the rules.

The drivers turned back and went against the flow along the corridor of lifeOSP Zagrodno

Main photo source: OSP Zagrodno

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