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Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford – joint photos after years

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Ke Huy Quan was one of the stars of this year’s Oscars – he received the statuette in the category of Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Thanking for the award, he mentioned that he had spent a year in a refugee camp and thanked, among others, Steven Spielberg for the opportunity he got years ago. It was for a role in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, in which he co-starred with Harrison Ford. The gentlemen had the opportunity to meet again on the “biggest stage in Hollywood”.

Ke Huy Quan comes from Vietnam. When he was 7, his parents fled to Hong Kong, then emigrated to the United States. At the age of 12, he landed on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. A year later, he appeared in “The Goonies”.

Despite such a good start, Ke Huy Quan did not achieve much success in the following years Hollywood. Today, he says that his Asian origins influenced this. For many years, according to Ke Huy Quan, American cinema was dominated by white people. “If you had a hundred scripts in the 1980s, most likely none of them would have featured significant Asian characters,” he said in an interview in 2022.

Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford starred together in 1984LUCASFILM LTD / Entertainment Pictures / Forum

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Ke Huy Quan decided to pursue a career outside of acting. He still collaborated in the production of films, but behind the scenes. He dealt with special effects, choreography, and also assisted the director. He occasionally appeared in front of the camera. Everything changed only in the third decade of the 21st century. The actor recalls that the film that particularly inspired him to try his hand at acting again was Crazy Rich Asians. The production was quite successful, and the cast was entirely made up of Asians. In 2022, Ke Huy Quan accepted an offer to play in the film “Everywhere at once”.

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Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford – reunion after decades

One of the award winners at the last one the Oscars gala there was Harrison Ford, a big Hollywood star and… Ke’s former co-star. When the film announced that “Everywhere At Once” was winning the statuette for best cinematography, the entire cast took to the stage. Then Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford hugged, and the whole world remembered the duo from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford at the 2023 OscarsCARLOS BARRIA / Reuters / Forum

This is the second meeting after years (or even decades) of both actors. The first took place in 2022 at the Disney D23 event. Ke knew that Harrison Ford would be at the party. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to talk to him though. “At one point, someone told me Harrison Ford was right next door and asked if I’d like to say hello. Of course I wanted to say hello! I haven’t seen this man in 38 years! Ke recalled. – When I left, my heart was pounding. I was very nervous. The whole time I wondered if he would recognize me. After all, the last time he saw me, I was a small child.

Harrison Ford not only remembered Ke. When the two men faced each other, he pointed his finger at the younger colleague and asked: “You are Short Round?” (that was the name of Ke’s character in Indiana Jones). When Ke replied “yes, Indy” Ford pulled him close and hugged him. They took a photo together that went viral all over the internet. Fans of the film did not hide their great joy from their reunion.

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Main photo source: CARLOS BARRIA / Reuters / Forum, Lucasfilm / Forum

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